Help with Danny Phantom.


So I want to play Danny Phantom basically. I’ve figured out how to make other characters before, but I am at a loss for DP.

Googling it, only one person has asked about this before as far as I know, and all the answers were homebrew even though the GM was looking for how to build him as an NPC (which would mean with class levels).

The Spiritualist seems like it might work, except there is no archetype (afaik) that gets rid of the Phantom while keeping the Bonded Manifestation, kinda like the Synthesist Summoner, which itself won’t work because it isn’t particularly ghost like.

And on top of this, Danny has cold powers.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

A void/cold kineticist might fit.

A Warlock Vigilante with the Transformation Sequence talent would probably work.

A pint of Numerian Fluids would give you the permanent ability to go incorporeal as a swift action, at the cost of 1 point of con dmg per 1d4 rounds in "ghost-form".

Anyone has any idea of how to handle Con dmg like the Ring of Inner Fortitude, without negating the beneficial effect?

Otherwise, using the Healer's Hands combo with Resilient Martyr would allow you to heal up your con dmg rather easily. Not great synergy with a kineticist to take con dmg, though.

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