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Hi all,

So I'm making a Warrior Poet (Samurai Archetype; Order of the Song Bird), Swashbuckler, Duelist Build. The core idea is as follows, you get spring attack for free at 6th level for warrior poet. This along with additional move speed from Warrior poet is really nice, and also dexterity to everything because why not. Charisma is nice for challenges and AC, and then also for charmed life, grit, or uh I mean, panache. I'm aware that Charisma as Armor bonus is a trap, and that it won't scale super well later on, but honestly I just want a mechanically flavor full (is that an oxymoron?) build, that let's me run in do a sword stab, parry/dodge the AoO, and get back. Duelist is there modestly for improved Mobility.

Stats (really don't care too much TBH its 25 PB and I can 100% just get the stats I need. If you are really worried about doing some math assume 18-20 in Dexterity, 18 Charisma)

Levels ???
Haven Decided yet Probably gonna need a lot to really let this build shine
Warrior Poet 6/Swash 5/Duelist 3 (14th? rip ever playing this character)

Some Dexterity
Some Charisma

trait for katana proficiency forget the name atm
another trait maybe crit confirm related or initiative related

X Weapon Finesse (From Class)
H Weapon Focus
1 Slashing Grace
3 Piranha strike
5 Dodge
WP Spring Attack
7 Mobility
9 Improved Initiative cuz why not?
SB Lunge
11 ? (Quick Draw)
13 ?

ok so things I need advice on,

for the handful of folks that have played duelist out there how good is improved mobility, do AoO's even have a chance of hitting you?
2 good higher level feats (10th level+)?
Is there a way to keep samurai's challenge scaling across multiple classes (this one would be HUGE even it is only across two classes)?
Is lunge + Pirahna strike asking for too much, if so is adding on Monkey lunge at 11th/13th level worth it?
What Stacks between initiative traits, improved initiative, improved reaction, swashbuckler initiative, and the dueling weapon enchantment?

+1 Dueling Katana, maybe another enchantment for challenge if such a thing exists and I have the gold?

The Dream
You dash through combat to your target, dodging blades left and right, you reach your target landing a critical blow (maybe an actual critical since we're katana crit fishing here), only to rush away from them, as they counter attack you parry and counter attack the attack.

Let me know what y'all think!

If your goal is to draw Attacks of Opportunity, and you are taking Mobility already, I recommend at least a 1 level dip in Monk with the Master of Many Styles Archetype and take Panther Style Feats and Ascetic Style. Panther Claw gives you a Free Action Unarmed Strike after every time someone is Provoked into making an Attack of Opportunity by Moving out of a Threatened Square. Panther Parry, makes your Free Action Attack hit first, and if it hits, your opponents suffer a -2 on their AoO. Ascetic Style lets you apply Unarmed Strike Feats to your weapon of choice. The level in MOMS Monk is so that you can use 2 Style Feats at once. It has to be a Monk Weapon. Temple Sword would be nice. Temple Sword is a Tripping weapon though, which is lovely, and it might be in keeping with your theme, but it does suggest you take your character in perhaps too different a direction you want to go in, say Tripping instead of Crit-fishing.

You want to Crit-fish, and for the kind of build I'm talking about, you want a high damage weapon. For that, I like the Elven Curved Blade: 1d10 Slashing, Threat Range 18-20. Elven Curved Blades are not Monk Weapons, but there is a Human Feat, Martial Versatility, that would let you apply Ascetic Style to any weapon in the same group as Temple Sword, such as Elven Curved Blade. Elven Curved Blade is an Exotic Weapon for Humans, but it's not as Exotic if you are a Half Elf, who can also take Martial Versatility. A Half Elf can use Elven Curved Blade via the Elf Blood Racial Trait or the Ancestral Arms Alternate Racial Trait: ask your GM. Martial Versatility would mean 4 levels in Fighter, but that's not so bad for a character like yours.

You are already planning on taking Spring Attack, maybe work in Whirlwind Attack, too.

You are thinking Samurai, maybe Cavalier or Paladin with the Holy Tactician Archetype? I really like the Broken Wing Gambit Feat. With BWG and maybe you need to take Paired Opportunist as well (ask your GM), you and all your allies will get an Attack of Opportunity every time someone Attacks you or any of your allies. BWG is a controversial Feat, technically, you count as your own ally according to an FAQ, but lots of people hate that because BWG is a Teamwork Feat, but technically, Teamwork Feats don't actually prohibit anything that people say they do, and a Game Designer created alternate rules supporting, yadayadayada. So vet BWG with your GM.

I also like the idea of Snake Style Feats when used with Ascetic Panther style and BWG. The Snake Fang Feat gives you an Unarmed Attack of Opportunity whenever you are attacked and missed. This would actually stack with BWG, which triggers when you are Attacked. The problem here is that using 3 Style Feats at the same time would require 6 levels in MMOMS, and you might not want to do that.

Another Feat to take when Crit-fishing is either Seize the Moment or Outflank (They're almost the same Feat.). These are both Teamwork Feats as well, and they both give you Attacks of Opportunity whenever your Ally (you, too if you have Paired Opportunist, I'm pretty sure) scores a Critical Hit. Take Crit Focus, of course, and maybe one of those other nasty Crit Mastery Feats like Blinding Critical.

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Well your trait for katana proficiency is a waste. You're a samurai. You get that.

That's a start.

While you could say it's a trap to not wear armour, adding your dex int and charisma to do so. If you focus in these with maxed dex and a 16 in each of the others, you could get a pretty respectful ac. With some party spell help, hitting 30s isnt hard at all. Save you some cash on shields and armour. Mage armour alone should do you well enough. Just a thought there.

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