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One of my players has requested we do a "beach episode" for their birthday and since it seemed like a fun idea I said yes.
We're in the Trial of the Beast book of Carrion Crown now so my plan in broad strokes is a crazy sun cult trying to spread light and purity to the dark corners of cursed Ustalav. I'm now digging through the bestiary looking for beach themed monsters to throw at a level 5 party but I'm also looking for some of those less utilized more flavorful monsters to make the experience all the more memorable.
So what are yalls thoughts on some good beach episode monsters?

Bullettes burrowing around under the sand (good for when one of the PCs has been buried up to their neck in the sand), animated umbrellas or beach blankets that close/roll up those moving under or walking/laying on them (or mimics).
Sun cultists wielding bloody hand-print stamped volleyballs with palm-frond toupees as idols.
For the musically inclined, a flock of seagulls (like a swarm that peck out your eyes, but can be distracted with food or Alka Seltzer tablets) or a rock... lobster!

Needs at least one giant crab

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Well, its a beach episode. So you need babes, a beach party, water sports, and a sea monster. Also, more babes.

Set up: Our cultists have made a daring daylight kidnapping of many renown beauties from the city the heroes happen to be in.

Start off with music. The music lures in the adventurers to the cult who are performing an odd ritual on the beach. There many topless and oiled men are flexing before mostly undressed women tied to poles stuck in the sand with a band performing near by. Several senior cultists have knives and sheers in their hands and are appraising the women trying to remove the perfect amount of their clothing to aid in the ritual.

Once the heroes crash the party the mussel men will attack the party bare handed. Most of them have dirty trick and will immediately attempt to blind their opponents by kicking sand in their face. Then they will attempt to grapple and pin them, while a partner will pummel the grappled player. Put a lot of mussel men out there.

BTW, the band are bards and they use their performance and spells to assist.

The senior cultists start the ritual immediately. That means they don't join the fight till their allies are mostly defeated. Have the senior cultists join in a few at a time till only the leader is left. Instead of fighting the senior cultists is protected by a force wall and after the other cultists are defeated he becomes the first victim of the summoned monster.

Giant Crab, Giant Octopus, Kraken, Scylla, have something appropriate show up.

Afterwards have some Merfolk that happen to watch all of this happening show up and offer to provide assistance in the form of seafood and drink and well as native merfolk clothing for the women.

You need a sophisticated surfing mechanic. I don't know if there's one out there to be stolen, so you may need to invent it yourself. Coax the PCs into participating with a magical trophy. Remember to apply appropriate penalties for wearing armor while surfing.

Infestation of gourd leshys made of watermelons. They regenerate from anything but a hit with a special magical wooden swords. You gotta smash them all.

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