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I mentioned this under the GenCon 2019 Request for PFS thread:

I was lucky enough to get both Parts of the Passing the Torch Scenario, however, due to the chaotic nature of Event Registration, I ended up with the tickets in wrong order.

My Part 1 ticket is for Saturday at 2 pm.
My Part 2 ticket is for Saturday at 8 am.

I am hoping somebody might be willing to trade one of their versions of Part 1 or 2: either Part 1 any time on Thursday or Friday, or Part 2 during the 9 am slot.


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I wish I could help you with that. For anyone else, I have a Thursday afternoon ticket for Part 2 that I will be able to trade assuming my party doesn't manage to get into it. I plan to stop by muster to try and work us in or trade for generics.

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Steven, I'd be interested in that Thursday afternoon ticket.. assuming I could also find a part 1 Thursday morning. My brother got the pair, but unfortunately I couldn't and I've been refreshing the site regurarly trying to find tickets for it. I'm assuming your group is in the same boat.

The way they scheduled those games is just bizarre. Why not just have part 1 followed by part 2 for all three days?


...because GMs need to sleep, eat, bathe and run other things as well.

Additionally, there may also be a dearth of necessary GMs, too, due to any of a number of factors which have been discussed previously.

Truth-in-text: This is probably going to be my last GenCon given the fiasco with the rooms, the fiasco with the event registration, etc. The amount of stress involved in just *attending the convention* is... significant.

That's before one factors in that for me in particular I'm also GMing five slots and am trying to juggle that and an off-convention campus lodging due to the lack of room fiasco.

That being said, I'm watching the situation carefully to determine if I can afford to give any more of my time without hurting myself or the quality of play.

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