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About GM Wageslave

What you need to know about me:

Always a work in progress!

I've been DMing, GMing, Storytelling, Narrating, and judging roleplaying games since the early '80s. Can't say I've seen it all, but I've seen a lot.

That being said, PbP is a newer medium for me as a GM, and I like keeping 'attention to detail' and 'fair play' at the forefront of my gaming experience, and I've seen when 'haywire' builds get shut down with simple things available to NPCS.

Please be ready to adjust on the fly if the main thing your character can do is shut down by any of a number of circumstances.

1. If one is not having fun, let me know via PM!
2. If one is having problems understanding a concept, either spoiler it to me in a post, or PM me!
3. Help everyone else have fun. Engage the other characters!
4. PbP is a wonderful medium for 'letting the hair down' and 'really fleshing out' one's characters. Show us the thoughts, actions, and words of the character. Please make them *live*.
5. If one is going to be away for an extended period, please let everyone know in the Discussion thread, along with at least some guidelines about how one's character will approach a situation!
6. Please place some information on the 'tagline' for one's character, the more information that is available there, the faster it will be for one's self as well as the GM to handle rolls that may arise.
7-9. This is an open spot, for further guidelines as they develop.

In-Character Posting 101:

Third-person narrative is the writing style I'm most comfortable with, and first-person dialogue (even inner).


Almost unseen in a corner, quietly listening to the antics before and then the briefing with nary a nod, a pile of cloth suddenly becomes animate and sits up a bit. A conical hat is pushed back a bit so a beaked countenance can appraise the room with a bit of a wary aged squint.

"We getting resources, or do we improvise?" emanates from the bird-like entity as it appraises the briefing. Uses the [ b]text[ /b] text formatting, available at the bottom of your posting window in 'How to format your text'.

The tengu's head tilts slightly as he appraises the group again and lets out a slow exhalation.

My hand might get tired from this one. Let's see how they work in the field. Uses the [ i]text[ /i] formatting

His cloak slides open slightly to show a well-crafted crossbow slung under one arm as he sits up a bit more.

The above demonstrates a brief written description, some narrative from the character in question, as well as the thought processes of the character. Doing this engages one's fellow players as well as helps in the 'fleshing out' category.

Important: Never presume the actions one takes are automatically successful, and never assume what the reaction of others will be to one's actions. That activity is known as 'power-posing' and it's as rude as trying to take control of the person next to you at a physical table's character sheet and run their character (without permission)

Also important! There is a 'Preview' button under your Posting window. Use it a lot, it makes life a lot easier!

'Botting' Instructions(Prototype):
If you know prior to starting the game that you may be out for an extended period of time, I ask that you create botting instructions in the profile for your character. These instructions should give me, as the GM, any idea of how your character would handle combat, should it arise.

With that being said, I expect one post per weekday (Monday - Friday) and one post over the weekend (Saturday - Sunday). If there is holiday that takes place for you during the game, please let me know and I will not expect a post during the holiday. If more than 24 hours have passed since your last post and the game is waiting for your post, I will use the botting instructions provided. If no instructions were provided, I may make the decision that your character delays. I will not use limited resources in making an action on your behalf, unless your botting instructions specifically indicated that they be used.