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Pogiforce wrote:
Pantshandshake wrote:

I'm not sure how much social stigma there would be, I'd guess that's really heavily table dependent.

But you could always limit it to internal necrografts, and just not tell everyone you meet that you have undead parts.

It's written into the setting. From Armory:

Necrografts are augmentations utilizing undead organs and necromantic rituals rather than technology. They were invented on Eox, and they are most commonly available in Orphys and at the Necroforge within Eox’s Lifeline. Most other Pact Worlds outlaw the creation and installation of necrografts (though not their possession), but they can still be found in some less reputable back-alley augmentation clinics on multiple worlds throughout the system and beyond.
Outside of Eox, Necrografts are relegated to shady, black market business. They aren't widely accepted.

Exceeding the speed limit is more illegal than that, everywhere. You get a lot of social stigmas from getting a speeding ticket? Which is my point about table variation.

And also my point, if social stigma is all the character cares about, about only getting internal necrografts and not wearing a sign that says "I has undead parts!"

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Pantshandshake wrote:

Exceeding the speed limit is more illegal than that, everywhere. You get a lot of social stigmas from getting a speeding ticket?

Weed is legal in California. Doesn't mean a large portion of society would not view me disfavorably, or that I wouldn't lose my job and face potential jail time in NOT California if I was a weed user.

Or to compare apples to apples,necrografts are a medical procedure. abortion is a medical procedure. But different places have different restrictions on abortion, and a large portion of society holds very strong negative opinions about the people who do them, the people who get them, and the process itself. Not trying to get political, just stating a fact. When getting described as "less reputable, back alley clinics" as sources for necrografts, that sounds like the same language used to describe getting a hook up from a dealer of illegal substances. They wouldn't be outlawed if there wasn't some stigma against them. There are a number of popularly worshipped God's who are very much anti-undead. Would not be surprised to see a sarenaite funded billboard saying " Just say NO to Necrografts!"


And also my point, if social stigma is all the character cares about, about only getting internal necrografts and not wearing a sign that says "I has undead parts!"

Well aside from the stigma, and the fact that a lot of necrografts can't be hidden, there's the "I don't want undead rotting flesh attached to my body, useful or not" and then there's is the nature of my characters.

Darwyn is the descendant of Grant Stoneshield, silver crusader, venture captain of the pathfinder society, Savior of Akiton. A paladin in everything but name, a paragon of good, defender of the weak, destroyer of evil. Though the gap makes the exact content of Grants exploits foggy at best, Darwyn aspires to live up to his forebear's legacy. Darwyn often asks himself WWGD: what would grant do? Undead are associated with evil, and corruption. If Grant wouldn't do it, Darwyn aspires to keep to that same principle.

David Caine is a follower of Iomedae. Aside from the fact that his wife would disapprove, it would be a violation of his faith.

Teach is obsessed with all manner of living creatures, sentient or otherwise, their biology, their culture, the way life changes as it goes on, everything. Her obsession extends to her choice of augments, preferring biotech. Especially if the biotech is a symbiotic life form in it's own right. (Symbiote personal upgrade, Wildwise being a fungal life form.) Necrografts are vat grown undead flesh. It goes against her personal ethos, and she is worried given that animals have a history of being frightened by undeath, and she wants to befriend ALL the animals, getting necrografts might impede that.

Overwatch, being a Cyberborn Android, is confident in his assertion that cybernetic augments are the only ones that are truly reliable and efficient. Magic is poorly understood and volatile. He does believe that magic is just technology too advanced for most of society to comprehend, but that's not a good argument for magitech augments. Let's just take this thing no one fully grasp that can explode if done wrong and put it in my body, great plan, I always wanted a built in self destruct device with a hair trigger. biotech is like willfully getting an infection, and necrografts are like saying gang green is good. Cybernetics only please.

I know a lot of people just look at class mechanics, look for something reasonably optimized, and just self insert. Nothing wrong with that. I play with people like that all the time. I build my characters with personality types, goals, aspirations, and belief systems, then I play that character. So as I said, if I was going to play a character who would get necrografts, they would have to be someone who sees value in it. A. Undead already. B. Someone who might sympathize with groups like the corpse fleet and desires to be undead. Maybe some permutation of that where a balance between life and undeath is perfect, C. Edgelord black metal rockstar who uses necrografts to further his outsider persona. D. Some form of outlaw who already has a Target on his back, so what society thinks of him doesnt nearly matter so much as the will to survive.

C actually sounds pretty awesome, might be my next Envoy. Join the acquisitives, get a publicist, talk about all the aliens he's slaughtered and use a graphic illustration of their piled up dead bodies with him standing on top hard rocking as the thumbnail for his next album. Should do well with the ysoki and human teenage boy demographics, girls too who like that bad boy image. Make him secretly a coward and while he's got get em and Improved get em to act hard for the publicly, take "not the face" for when things start looking bad. That's the money maker!

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Hah, C does sound kind of awesome, and is about 70% of the way to my actual character. He's in a speed metal band.

And, those are all perfectly good reasons to not get necrografts, which happen to fall outside of what I care about debating.

"Bob, we need to discuss your necrograft problem


"Send more paramedics."

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Voyd211 wrote:
Barathus are all about that biotech, that's their whole schtick. All of their technology is organic.

So? You can still be a Mechanic, even if your Custom Rig is made of wriggling worms and your drone is chitinish.

You just don't gain any automatic new ability to heal or hurt living things, or such. Your Mechanic abilities still do exactly the same thing they do for everyone else. Your wriggling Custom Rig lets you hack computers, your chitinish Drone works exactly like that other Mechanic's drone made of metal.

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