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Can a symbol of Death or other symbol-based spell using its rules be placed on the caster's armor/robe/outermost covering with touch set as the trigger?

In this case, the caster is attuned to it, and therefore immune to the effects, but if an attacker hits the caster, this triggers the symbol and it may be activated depending on the attacker's current hp or the type of symbol placed and affects all applicable targets within the symbols area of effect.

Is this a viable use of the spell? can the rune be "broken" by a weapon's slash/attack like a circle? etc, etc.

A symbol triggered by touch goes off when the symbol is touched, not the object it's on. If you can trick an attacker into aiming for that particular spot on your armor/robe, sure, it'd go off. Otherwise it won't.

Touching the symbol to an enemy will not trigger a touch activated symbol.

Better to use a look trigger and leave the symbol covered until you pull aside the cover.


i like using this spring scroll case to have sight based magical traps on it. very nifty way to pull it when you need and keep tucked when not.

also very useful to get a scroll out fast (if im not mistaken you can have up to 10 spells scribed on one scroll.)

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