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Recently I was re-visiting some interesting feats and I got confused with this one: Shadow Priest.

The text says:

You gain the sneak attack class feature as if you were a rogue of equal to your current level.


And I was wounder: "OK, if I was a Cleric 1, I got +1d6 sneak attack, and if I was a Cleric 3, I got +2d6 sneak attack. But, how about if I was a multiclass Cleric 1/Fighter 2. Or worst, how about if I was a multiclass Cleric 1/Rogue 1/Ninja 1???"

Should I understand the "equal to your current level" as "equal to your current cleric level" or "equal to your current chracter level"?

Just to clarify, I'm supposing that the feat is meant to Clerics, since it has a "Domain class feature" as requirement. So, it makes sense to count only your cleric levels.

And, another question about the same feat, it allow you to gain sneak attack in exchange for losing your domain spell. What if a Druid took this feat? Druids can take a domain as its Nature Bound, but does not gain any domain spell. So, can a Druid trade a feat for the sneak attack class feature?

Sorry, my mistake. The druid indeed gain domain spells, so, it makes sense.

First off, this should be in the 3pp forums, flagged to move.

Usually when a feat refers to character level it means total character level, but since this feat is trading domain spells for sneak attack my instinct is to base it off the class that grants the domain spells only.

This is a poorly-designed feat in a number of ways. Class feature tradeoffs should really be archetypes and not feats, and tradeoff itself can be cheesed around as a result (there are some archetypes that have the domain class feature but not domain spell slots, for instance, thus qualifying for this feat without actually losing anything for it).

In terms of the ambiguity of what "level" is being referred to, Java Man has it correct. Normally feats do refer to character level, but the context of this feat strongly implies it means cleric class level.

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Since the feat text actually mentions an exchange, I would go with it not working at all if you are an Inquisitor or other character type who gains domain powers but not domain spells.

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