Misc. magic items suggestions for a lvl 7 Fighter


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So! I'm building a level 7 Fighter using the rather nifty Spear Fighter archetype from Martial Arts Handbook. I've got the big six covered and have 4k gp left in his budget for miscellaneous magic items. I'm looking for useful/fun/zany off the wall items to round out the budget and give him something novel and funny to use. The campaign is Strange Aeons and the party is about to board the boat in adventure 3. Paizo sources only. Hit me with your best shots!

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My suggestion would be a Cloak of the Hedge Wizard. Get the Abjuration version so you can cast Protection from Elements in the morning every day. The only put it on when you want to do prestidigitation. You might pick the Transmuter version for Mage Hand.

Then spend 200gp to get 4 potions of Touch of the Sea because you're on a ship, and those things get attacked a lot. Then grab 1 potion of fly for 750gp because sometimes you just need to fly.

Got your handy haversack yet? And filled it with little things like all the food, water and rope you could want, a change of clothes, alchemical weapons (an acid & a shard gel, minimum) and alchemical tricks (I like a tunnel creeper, tracking powder, a stagnant fog sack & duct tape adhesive strips, but there's lots more).

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Thanks Meirril and avr!

I handwave "normal mundane things any sane person would carry when adventuring" such as food, water, rope and spare socks. Zany alchemical items or weird mundane tools are fair game, but I'm more looking for magic items, preferably of the quality of life sort or make-up-for-usual-deficiencies-of-Fighters type or the LOL XD category.

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If you are going to spend a lot of time shipboard, a Cloak of the Manta Ray might be a good investment. I know that it's 7,200 gp... but it would replace your Cloak of Protection +2, so you should be able to squeeze it in.

If not, may I suggest Swim Fins? 10' swim speed that costs all of 1 silver piece.

2000gp ...Buoyant for your heavy armor
1500gp ...two Snapleafs
500gp ...cracked Dusty Rose Prism ioun stone

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