how cleric and other character auras interact when detecting evil?

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When using detect evil, how does cleric's aura interact with other character auras? let's take following example:
- lv 5 cleric, LE character
- the cleric is followe of LN god, e.g. Abadar.

Detect evil gives following aura strengths:
aligned creature, 5 dice: faint aura
Cleric of aligned deity, 5 dice: strong aura

The cleric has aura class features: A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see detect evil for details).

My understanding is, that this cleric would have strong lawful aura and faint evil aura. is that correct?

He would register as LN

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Pawlik, you are correct.

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Pawlik, you are correct, though the actual information you get will depend on exactly what spell/ability you are using. For example:

1) If you cast detect evil you will sense a faint aura of evil on that character.
2) If you cast detect law you will sense a strong aura of law on that character.
3) If you have an ability to determine the actual alignment of the character, it will register as LE.

The spell description is unclear when it comes to Clerics whose alignment doesnt match their Deity's, so it becomes RAI/HR. Personally, I suggest it reflect the Deity's alignment - which in this instance would Abadar's LN.

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