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This past Saturday I ran SFS Scenario 1-23 Return to Sender in which we had a few players testing out some classes, specifically the Vanguard (a literal walking terrain piece) and the Witchwarper both at level 8, and the rest of the party making it push to tier 7-8. So far the party is doing pretty well, curb stomping everything in their path when:

Adventure Spoilers:
They reached the door for area A-2 Weapons Storage which requires a key card that can be fished out of A-5 Cleaning Pit when the witchwarper decided to use their Infinite Worlds ability (level 7 specific) to lower the floor under the door to get into the room a little earlier then planned. Since the scenario didn't explicitly say that the room was sealed, just very secure, it seemed to reason that such action would work no issues.

I mention this in the case of scenarios and adventures that require going to places in sequence might end up having good ol speed runner style sequence breaks happening with Infinite Worlds.

To be fair.
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We also got the keycard due to Infinite Worlds, by raising it out of the acidic goo in the Cleaning Pit. So not only did we get into the secure room before we should have, but we later got the card that would have let us into that room without trouble with the same ability.

Infinite Worlds is a limited per-day resource, so maybe it isn't that big an issue.

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Infinite Worlds’ level 7 upgrade says you can’t use it to go under “barriers.” I think a locked (or even closed but unlocked!) door in a wall qualifies.

I think this situation is covered and your GM understandably made the wrong ruling on a new ability.

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Closed door are barriers for purposes of infinite worlds.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

Closed door are barriers for purposes of infinite worlds.

This should also probably indicate that it is a continuous barrier as the wall itself? Because Infinite Worlds seems to suggest that the barrier rule only applies to barriers that extend to outside the 10' x 10' area. It was my impression too that because of that restriction a door, which could be entirely included in a 10x10 square, could be bypassed as described by lowering the floor and going under the door.

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