***Spoilers*** Penumbra Protocol

Signal of Screams


Anyone else read it yet?

The real question about area A13:
Just wondering if anyone has any insight on A13. Master Computer Room, under the developments section just goes off on a tangent that doesn't seem to be connected at all with the details and discoveries in the room.

First a culture check for the Grand Assembly and the Assembly of Nations, which while true is nothing to do with any of the locations they discover, not it does appear (at brief glace to be mentioned anywhere else in the AP as a place they'll want to go and report their findings).

Then it also mentions that the PC can conclude that there might be consequences from what they've discovered. It's a bit of a jump to go from... These towers will be activated soon and will do this. To this will effect the whole planet and potentially beyond.

Additional oddity, but more my ramblings:
Also I'm a bit of a loss to DCs of the culture checks, re.. DC 15 to know about the Grand Assembly. Okay doesn't seem too bad, but previously in A7. it's a DC 23 culture check to identify an image as an aerial map of the very city they are in... when they landed from orbit at the city not very long previously. Did the pilot not look where they were going?

I appreciate that auto-pilot and guidance systems might not give that level of detail, but did no one at all in the group look at the "You are here" map in the spaceport when getting off the ship to get a rough lay of the land, or was that map so obscure as to only point out the 3 areas for sleeping (as noted previously noted in the AP) and the offices they're currently in. In order to go, hmm this image is roughly shaped and detailed in the same way that this might be a map of the city?


Map markings for E12:
The text for E12 lists a trap that triggers "When a living creature steps onto the marked space". But the map marks no such trap. The text hints at it's location, which I assume to be just east of the operating table, just as you enter the door.

Although the detail of the trap also mentions that it effects all who are in E12... which would be one person unless the entered the room with a side-step... or you allow multiple people to enter the room simultaneously and spread out a little.

Apparently viewing the whole macabre scene for just outside the room grants immunity.

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