Anybody know of a 'mithral' equivalent for natural (druid) armors?

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Basically I'm looking for mithral-equivalent dragonhide--a Medium breastplate that could count as Light with the right material.

Darkwood weighs half as much as normal martial but gains no benefit (possible GM help).

Mithral and Singing Steel are the only Paizo special materials that cause armor to count as a lower category.

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Darkleaf Cloth has almost identical properties as Mithral, but it does not reduce the armor category. You cannot make a breastplate out of it, but it could be used to make hide armor. If this is for a home game than talk to the GM and see if he will house rule it that Darkleaf Cloth does reduce the armor’s category.

You also may want to look into Lamellar (leather). It is already light armor and can be made out of Darkleaf Cloth to get a higher max DEX.

The ice armor spell offers the same protection as a breastplate but says nothing about slowing you down.

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