Orc Hounds?

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Goblins have goblin dogs, hobs have hobbe hounds, and trolls have trollhounds, what do orcs get as their canine companions?

I did think about Worgs thanks to Lotr, but it seems like they're more associated with goblins than orcs

Presumably orcs could just have regular dogs if they wanted them?

I mean that's like saying that hobgoblins and trolls could have regular dogs if they wanted them, doesn't really answer the question

Orcs have dinner.

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Look at the warcat

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Orcs get warcats

Orcs put a leash on their human slaves and tell them to fetch and roll over.

I think in the Hold of Belkzen the orcs are described as using massive warcats. In the PF Wiki entry on orcs in general, they have a whole section on mounts these humanoids use, including such animals as dire boars, rhinoceroses and elephants or mammoths.

Personally I've always used war pigs, dire boars, razortusks, or whatever they're called in the current edition.

As people have said above, Orcs in Golarion tend to favor much larger beasts, to the point that some make frequent raids into the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to capture some.

I think the description for Worgs covers all the non-specified doglike companions.

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Orcs use Goblins as their doglike companions.

Decimus Drake wrote:
Presumably orcs could just have regular dogs if they wanted them?

Actually, orcs could have normal wolve or worgs, I was also thinking of dire wolves, but they weren't in my bestiary 1, so I don't know if they are at all in PF

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We could make our own. My vote is for orc schnauzers.

Orc labradoodles.

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