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Who is going to PAX Unplugged this year? I am. There aren't any scheduled events for PACG in the society room, but there will be a table set aside for PACG. I'd like to make use of that table. So, I'm wondering who is going, and for which days? Is anyone interested in getting together and running some scenarios? If so, I'd like to try and plan out which ones.

So let me know if you are going and what you'd like to try and do.

Liberty's Edge

I will be there all three days.
I am disappointed that there will be no official PACG events (especially was hoping to see the 'playtest' set :( ).

I haven't done Season 4 or 5 yet (Faction's Favor or Tapestry's Tides) if people wanted to do organized play.

Or I'd be fine with just picking up a base set and playing it.

I'll be there Friday and Saturday!

I should have a Tier 2 (or possibly 3) Tapestry's Tides character by then. Other than that, I think I'll be either starting a new season or playing a pregen and I'd be willing to play anything.

I will be there Friday and Saturday as well.

I only have 2 characters and they're both tied up in other adventures so I will either be starting a new character or playing a pregen.

I'm currently playing Season of the Shackles and Assault on Absolom and have not played any other org play seasons so I'm up for anything.

Lone Shark Games

I'll be around.

Grand Lodge

For a second there, this sounded like a Champagne Room comment.

"There is no (scheduled) PACG in the society room."

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I'll be around, and would be up for some PACG. Probably won't have a good idea of my schedule until after Nov 9th; I will try to get into some of the pre-reg sessions. As an aside, Paizo RPG sessions are scheduled to get opened up to pre-reg on Warhorn a couple of hours from now.

So, what would be good to run? Options I can think of:

Scenarios from the first adventure of a season? (Perhaps Tapestry's Tide)
Season of the Goblins (we could maybe do both adventures over the weekend)
The Factions's Favor "unlock" scenarios
A capstone (asuming we have enough characters ready for one)

Some combo of the above?

Perhaps I'll set up a survey. But before I do, can anyone think of another category I should put on it?

Lone Shark Games

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I'll bring the PACG Core/Curse set and we can set up a game or two after dealer hours. I'd love it if you folks got a chance to play it.

Mike Selinker wrote:
I'll bring the PACG Core/Curse set and we can set up a game or two after dealer hours. I'd love it if you folks got a chance to play it.

That would be awesome. Thanks Mike.

Please share any (non NDA) details that you can if a session ends up happening at PAX!

Scarab Sages

My Mavaro (Tier 2) just finished the Assault on Absalom thing we were running here on the forums. We likely won't be able to bring all of our boxes, so would be great to get some consensus on what scenarios we'll be playing ahead of time.

Or we could just do all Core / Curse all the time - I'm perfectly fine with that. Even more exciting if we get to game with the mighty Selinker.

I have a Tier 2 Ukuja that I'm planning to bring. I'd love to play Tapestry's Tide Adv 2.

Core is good too. :)

I have a Tier 3 Seelah and a Tier 1 Merisiel that I will be bringing.

Tapestry's Tide Adv 2 or Core both sound great to me! Preference toward Core since I would be playing it for the first time.

Scarab Sages

I will volunteer to be the touchpoint for whatever we do at PAX Unplugged. PM me; if you are uncomfortable giving me your cell #, I am happy to give you mine. I imagine we will not all be checking this post during the convention and foresee it being easy to get caught up elsewhere and fail to meet up.

I'm thinking a quick touch base on Friday earlier - meetup, coordinate, decide when to play. Saturday is usually a good day to hunker down somewhere and avoid the mob; we'll figure out with Mike when a Core game can happen. Let me touch base with Hawkmoon about which boxes we'll bring...probably can't fit them all in the car.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Saturday after dealer hours sounds great for me. I'll likely be too busy on Friday to meet up, sadly.

Liberty's Edge

Messaged Calthaer in case he's organizing things.. but I'll try to check the room after exhibit hall hours close

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that met up to play PACG. Especially Mike who loaned us his test copy of Core for the weekend (and spent part of Friday night lighting crowbars on fire as Fumbus).

It was great to meet each of you and put faces to names, as well as real names to usernames. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

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