Hypercognition, Dubious Knowledge and other Recall Knowledge interactions

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I am prepping for The Mirrored Moon and one of my players has a Goblin Bard. He has warned me in advance that he taking Dubious Knowledge and Hypercognition.

I know that he will be using Recall Knowledge checks at every opportunity and he may be constructing his character to have good chances to fail, but not critically fail by taking Unmistakable Lore in order to maximize his Dubious Knowledge.

There are some real gray areas on how these feats and spells interact.

For example:

If you have any special abilities or free actions that would trigger when you Recall Knowledge, you can’t use them for these actions.

It seems obvious that the intention of the wording here is to preclude powers like Lorekeeper's Fortune and Lorekeeper's Recall from interacting with hypercognition.

but how about

Dubious Knowledge: appears to come into play only on a FAILED Recall Knowledge check.

or Eclectic Skill: You can attempt any skill check that normally requires you to be trained, even if you are untrained.

interacting with Unmistakable Lore: You never get information wrong when it comes to your narrow areas of expertise. When you Recall Knowledge for any Lore subcategory in which you’re trained, you treat a critical failure as a failure.

Any thoughts?

Pray for me and Gods save us from the Goblin Bards

Some good questions,
I will comment on last one (Eclectic/Unmistakable) that there is no potential interaction of those:
Unmistakable only triggers if you are Trained. Ecectic doesn't make you Trained, it just lets you roll when you normally couldn't.

General, skill
Prerequisites trained in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action
You’re a treasure trove of information, but not all of it is from
reputable sources. When you fail a Recall Knowledge check
using any skill that has that action, you learn one bit of true
knowledge and one bit of erroneous knowledge, but you don’t
have any way to differentiate which is which.

My wife's goblin paladin in The Lost Star had the Mind Quake Survivor background which granted her Dubious Knowledge. She roleplayed it for laughs with her goblin believing both pieces of information ferverently. My players were kind enough to avoid overtly playing the Dubious Knowledge as the characters knowing that one is true and the other is false (we roll dice out in the open and giving two answers is a giveaway, regardless), but sometimes to feed game-enhancing information to the players I would pick false information that could be disproved, which confirmed the true piece of information in the metagame.

When I seriously wanted them to be unsure, I had to invent a false fact that sounded plausible. This was difficult. Doing it 10 times in a row would be ten times as difficult. I would rule that Dubious Knowledge is one of the effects that does not mix with Hypercognition.

I don't have any experience with Unmistakable Lore. Technically, it is a special ability that is triggered by Recall Knowledge. Narratively, it is just better knowledge.

Eclectic Skill is not relevant. Recall Knowledge does not require being trained in the skill.

I give out two pieces of information on a successful Recall Knowledge check, so that a failure with Dubious Knowledge is far less obvious. Likewise, on a critical failure I give out two pieces of false information.

Dubious Knowledge is an automatic feature that doesn't take an action, other than the act of recalling knowledge itself. As such, I figure by RAW it works just fine with Hypercognition, which as you said I believe exists to stop you from using other actions to modify / tweak the Recall check.

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As an update we also have an alchemist in our group and our goblin bard has just discovered the synergy with Lesser Cognitive Mutagen and Dubious Knowledge.

I am considering a change in secret rolls so that I don't do them as the DM any more. Instead I will let the players roll and then also make a second roll that I am calling the Certitude Roll. This roll is for how confident the Player is about his characters Recalled Knowledge, and helps inform the player how he should Role Play his character.

I trust my players to be able to manage what their character knows and how certain they are that the information is correct. I'm really excited to see how it works because it will take the burden of secret rolls and place it back on the players as a role playing opportunity.

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