I never played online games but id like to start what do i do

Kalin Arvod wrote:
I never played online games but id like to start what do i do

Do you intend to run a game or play in one? If you want to run one you start a thread like you did and list what your campaign is and what system and what your requirements for player characters are. Then you wait for submissions. Sometimes you get a lot and will need to be choosy.

If you want to play you look for a recruitment post and follow the instructions given to make a character.

I would recommend before starting a game (GM or player). look at a Play by post thread and look at examples, there is also one or two handbooks others have made if you search for them I cant remember their names or I would quote them.

DH guide to PbP

Start there and then go through some of the other stickied guides in the PbP discussion forum. Then try applying for a game and seeing if you like it. Recruitment can be hard given that there are many more players than DMs, so expect to apply 3-5 times before getting picked, and try to keep polishing your submissions so that they have a better chance.

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