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I'm looking for help on a Sniper build. This will be a Slayer with Sniper and Stygian Slayer Archetypes, Kitsune Race.

I'm building for flavor: ranged sneak attacks. This is for PFS, so I don't want a build that doesn't fully kick in until 10 or later. These are the three builds through 7 that I'm looking at:

Bluff Build - Every Round: Feint and the Sneak Attack (Single Shot)
1) Point Blank Shot
3) Precise Shot
5) Ranged Feint
6) Slayer Combat Trick: Combat Expertise
7) Improved Feint

Stealth Build - Hide and Fire and Hide again
1) Point Blank Shot
3) Precise Shot
5) Expert Sniper
6) Slayer Combat Trick: Rapid Shot
7) Master Sniper
Cons: There are situations where there are no concealment opportunities

Intimidate Build - Scare and shoot (alternate rounds)
1) Point Blank Shot
3) Precise Shot
5) Weapon Focus (Longbow)
6) Slayer Combat Trick: Dazzling Display (Longbow)
7) Shatter Defenses (Longbow)
Cons: The others start working at 5, this one doesn't start until 7, plus negatives for intimidate and retrying.

Please offer any criticisms and thoughts of the play-ability. Thanks in advance.

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For the Hide, Fire, and Hide Again build, consider finding a way to squeeze in Skill Focus (Stealth) and Hellcat Stealth, for the times you don't have the opportunity to use concealment or cover to hide.
With this build, I would pick up Skill Focus at 1st, Precise Shot at level 2 using the ranger archery combat style feat, Expert Sniper at 3rd. Retrain your 5th level feat into Hellcat Stealth at 6th level, pick up Rapid Shot with your ranger archery combat style at 6th, and Master Sniper at 7th. With this build, you don't actually want to go the Sniper archetype as it explicitly states enemies know where you are after using the deadly sniper ability. When you're high enough level, invest in sniper goggles.

I'd missed that feat. Thanks, that opens up a nice alternative.

One of the easiest ways to use ranged sneak attack is to create fog or similar that you can see through. It may be problematic in tight quarters where you're also effectively blinding your party, true. It's something that you could add on to any of these though - just get a few stagnant fog sacks (no UMD required) and fogcutting lenses, or if UMD is an option then scrolls/a wand of twilight haze would do.

Intimidating has the problem that many opponents are immune to fear - undead and constructs especially. Feinting has a similar problem though with fewer opponents. Stealth works against anything without blindsight.

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