Bloodrager / Dragon Disciple (request for help)


My group is gearing up for a new homebrew campaign and I'm putting together a character type I've always wanted to play: a Dragon Disciple. I mean, who doesn't want to be a dragon when given the opportunity?

We have been given a 25 point buy and we're starting at level 7 (with 23,500 GP starting monies). I have a basic build so far, but I'm hoping for some optimizing suggestions. Our party is a summoning focused wizard, a moon-cursed barbarian, a fire/earth kineticist, and an archerdin.

This is the basic build I have so far.

Arithalion the Green:

Arithalion the Green, LG Human Draconic Bloodrager (Rageshaper) 5 / Dragon Disciple 2, worshiper of Apsu.

Str 21 (23 with belt), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14

1st Racial Heritage (Kobold), Draconic Aspect (Green)
3rd Draconic Breath
4th Eschew Materials (bonus feat)
5th Improved Natural Attack (claws)
7th Noxious Bite, Power Attack (bloodline feat)

Favored Class Bonus (Bloodrager): 5 extra rounds of Rage

Equipment: 23,500 gp
+2 Breastplate (4,200 gp)
Furious Amulet of Mighty Fists (4,000 gp)
Belt of Giant Strength +2 (4,000 gp)
Cape of Free Will +2/3 (6,000 gp)
Ring of Deflection +1 (2,000 gp)
Ring of Sustenance (2,500 gp)
Wand (Infernal Healing)(750 gp)

I went with Human for Racial Heritage (Kobold) so I could start the campaign with Noxious Bite, but I could see delaying that feat until 9th if anyone has suggestions for a more useful feat chain than Racial Heritage, Draconic Aspect, and Draconic Breath.

Overall the character feels fairly strong so far. Bloodrager has access to some decent swift-action defensive spells (though the casting is a bit limited due to the multiclass) which adds some flexibility to combat, and the saves feel decent. His attacks seem decent for level 7, with Rageshaper and Improved Natural Attack really pumping up the Claw attacks. Bite +14 (BaB +6, Str +8, Enhancement +2 , Power Attack -2), with two Claws at +14 as well. Damage is Bite 1d6 + 21 (+12 Strength, +2 Enhancement, +6 Power Attack, +1 Acid)(Fort Save DC 21 vs Nauseated 5 rounds), + 2 Claws at 2d6 + 14 (+8 Strength, +2 Enhancement, +4 Power Attack).

I'm not sure how useful the 1/day 2d6 Breath Weapon would be, but it was the easiest way I could find to start with Noxious Bite. I could drop the Kobold feats and just take Noxious Bite at 9th, which would open up 4 feats. Noxious Bite is just so strong, it almost seemed worth it to me to try and get it early.

I'd love to hear any thoughts the community might have on this build, so fire away!

Lawful Good? Are you allowed to use the variant Multiclass options? You seem perfectly set up to take advantage (especially starting at level 7) of the VMC Paladin option. Swift action self-healing will greatly enhance your survivability, though the feat cost is something to consider. I’m not sure how much the archerdin will help with healing, but it does look like you have a severe over abundance of damage potential within the group.

I actually posted something similar to this not long ago, but if you can get the Primalist archetype, taking Fey Foundling (feat) and Lesser Celestial Totem will net you +3 hp per die of healing you receive. Add Superstious on top of that for amazing saving throws, and you have a winning combination. Bloodline Familiar with the Protector archetype for even more HP absorbing potential.

Remember that your bite and claw attacks from the Draconic bloodline only manifest while you're Bloodraging. With 5 levels of Bloodrager and a 14 CON, that's only 14 rounds per day. (Equivalent to just under a minute and a half per day.) What do you plan to use for combat during the remaining 23 hours and 58.5 minutes in a day? ;)

I'd consider dropping the Human/Kobold line and going Half-Orc instead. Get the Toothy alternate racial trait, the Tusked race trait, or the Razortusk feat, any of which gives a Half-Orc a full time bite attack, usable all day long, even when you're not Bloodraging. You can still take Noxious Bite as your Level 9 feat, once you get that Dragon Disciple breath weapon.

This way, you'll be able to bite all day long. Then when Bloodraging you can add claws for those rounds, as well as increasing your bite damage.

That will also free up several feats, which would allow you to focus on something else, like a melee weapon to use in addition to your bite during full attacks. A two-handed weapon would add quite a bit to your damage output, and the bite becomes just gravy. (Keep in mind that if you're using a melee weapon and a bite attack during a full attack round, your bite attack becomes a secondary attack at BAB-5.)

Whatever you choose, the Arcane Strike feat is a nice addition as well, to add extra damage to all your attacks (including your bite) and treat all attacks as Magic for purposes of overcoming DR/Magic.

I'd build it something like this:

Half Orc BR5/DD2, Same stats

Tusked Trait
Fate's Favored Trait

Sacred Tattoo Alternate Racial Trait (+2 to all saves, thanks to Fate's Favored)

1) Power Attack
3) Arcane Strike
5) Combat Reflexes
7) Cornugan Smash

Wield a two-handed reach weapon like a Bardiche or Lucerne Hammer. A reach weapon becomes quite handy with a bite attack, as it allows you to threaten at 10' with the reach weapon and 5' with your bite. You can also do fun stuff like take a full attack to bite an adjacent enemy at BAB-5, then 5' step back and finish your full attack with two attack with your reach weapon at BAB/BAB-5.

Get Enlarge Person as one of your Bloodrager spells for even more fun, not only upping your damage significantly (3d6 base damage with a Lucerne Hammer) but also allowing you to threaten at 15-20' with your reach weapon and 5-10' with your bite.

Or you can stick to a non-reach two handed weapon like a Falchion or Greatsword, if you don't care about reach, area denial, and AoOs, and you want to be able to use your bite attack more often.

Either way, when Bloodraging, you have the option to leave your weapon sheathed and wade in with Claw/Claw/Bite if you'd like. The claws would be slightly lower base damage than the melee weapon and the total number of attacks would remain the same at 3 per round, but your bite would increase in damage and all three attacks would be at full BAB so you'll hit more often.

Max skill points in Intimidate. Any time you damage someone with a Power Attack (which should be nearly every attack), Cornugan Smash gives you a free Intimidate check to Demoralize them.

Get Noxious Bite at 9th level, if you want the added damage and effect on your bite. Or take Intimidating Prowess at 9th if you want to be absolutely sure that you Demoralize everyone you hit.

*Minor edit to the above: Swap the 3rd and 5th level feats. You can't take Arcane Strike until you can cast spells, which with a Bloodrager won't be until at least Level 4.

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