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So, I come here regularly and check this page:

Main PACG forum page

It seems to me, that if I go to that page, some threads show and others don't. My guess has been that the threads that show are one's with reply's that I haven't seen, so if there is nothing there, I just assumed there is no new content.

However, I did a search on a subject and found thread on this page that I haven't seen:

PACG rules page

And those threads don't show up as unread on the main page, so I have to click inside each subcategory.

I also just assumed (!) that there was no new content on the Homebrew page because no new threads showed up on the main page, but now I checked and there is a little content there, but few, if any responses, such as this guy:

Player posting up some new characters

...who put up a few notes with no feedback from anyone. Is it possible that something is broken here? Did something break with the new website redesign? How does this page work and why do I see some posts but not others?

If I saw no posts on the main page that would tell me that I have to check each page separately (not best but logically acceptable) but since I see some threads on the main page and not others that makes no sense to me.

Its all OK, I'm not complaining, just trying to understand and help the online community keep alive....

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I've had countless issues with the website redesign. Links broken (redirecting to the homepage rather than the storefront or a product line or a forum page is most common - even the official Organised Play page for PACG has most of its links not actually take you to the correct locations), odd navigation and site map trails, issues with navigating in multiple tabs more-or-less simultaneously...

There's actually a forum for website feedback, and I've barely touched it with my response because a quick glance through it indicates that all of my issues have already been mentioned or cataloged by other people reasonably well, so it seems like I'd just be adding more noise by duplicating existing complaints. Suffice to say, issues have been here for a while.

On the plus side, at least the "How to format your text" spoiler is working again.

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The subforums listing on the "main" page shows only a maximum number of threads. I believe it is 3, but I could be wrong. The threads listed in this view are the ones with the most recent activity, but they also must have activity within a certain time frame to be listed. So, if the thread with the third most recent activity last had activity 2 weeks ago, it won't be listed and instead less than 3 threads will appear.

That means two things:

1. Unless you check the main page regularly, you will miss some threads that "expire" from that view and will need to make a habit of viewing the subforum directly to see anything you missed.

2. If any of the three subforums become very active, there will be more active threads than are listed in the main page. So, even if you check the main page regularly, you should check the individual subforums if you see 3 new/recent threads listed because additional ones might not be listed.

*I'm saying 3, but I kind of feel I've seen more at some times, so maybe it is 5 or maybe the number has changed at some point.

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o.0 you see posts on the main forum page?? :( I haven't seen those for ages...I just have the 4 links to the subforums & a blank rectangle about as tall as a single line of text. I saw that someone had posted about it in the website feedback forum back when it first happened, but I just figured it was still broken for everyone...

edit: I decided to check the page in Edge on whim, and I see posts!! So I guess it's Chrome that's still messed up, not just me :)

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I use Chrome and I see posts on the main page.

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:( I just tried it in Edge again, but this time I actually logged in, and I don't see posts again. *sigh* I guess it's me, not Chrome.

Wow Kiya -- is that true regardless of what device you log in from? Because I don't recall every having that problem with the main AdventureCardGame forum.

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Ah. I think I understand your problem Kiya. Go to the top level of the messageboards. Make sure that each of the following levels is expanded (has an arrow pointing down):

Adventure Card Game

The same should be true for the three forums listed under Adventure Card Game.

Then come back to the main ACG page. Does that solve it?

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Wow, that's a...very broken forum implementation. If you go to a subforum it shouldn't matter what's hidden visually above.

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That does seem to have fixed it. I don't think I've ever actually scrolled through the long list of forums on the main messageboard page; I generally just click "Customer Service" or "Pathfinder Adventure Card Game" from the subforum links before the loading spinner goes away, so I'm not sure how they got minimized, but it's good to know I can fix it if it happens again!! Thanks! :D

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It might have been with the site redesign. If the adventure card game wasn't previously under Pathfinder and you had Pathfinder minimized, then it was moved there, that would explain it. I'm not sure if they got reorganized or not though.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
It might have been with the site redesign. If the adventure card game wasn't previously under Pathfinder and you had Pathfinder minimized, then it was moved there, that would explain it. I'm not sure if they got reorganized or not though.

That seems to have done it, thanks!

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Awesome. Glad everyone is seeing the forums now. Also, I noticed earlier today that there were for threads listed in the rules section, so the number that can show is definitely more than 3.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

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The overview page shows the threads that have been posted to within the last 24 hours (maximum 10). If no threads have been posted to in that time, it shows the latest 1 regardless of date.

I always have a difficult time tracking down the organized play (PSACG) threads. Is that because the PSACG category is a recent creation?

I'm surprised that the PSACG category isn't listed here, for instance.

(There's a small link for it, but not a big link with the arrow. If you get what I mean.)

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I've beaten that horse for a long, long time.

It's the forth "small" link under the "Subforums:" heading at the top of the page. That's all we're going to get it seems. This happened awhile back (once upon a time, the Card Guild had a "big" link in the PACG forum).

Personally, I've gotten used to reading the adventureCardGame page, then clicking the Card Guild link to see if anything's new there.

Having the Card Guild forum inside the Pathfinder Society forum does things like show you people's PFS titles and GM stars -- not sure if all of those display elsewhere in the Card game forum. More importantly, perhaps, it lets you find Card Guild threads when you search the PFS forum (which increases PACG exposure among RPGers, if maybe giving some of them a bit of unwanted noise.)*

*That's assuming searching the Paizo forums works for you, which it doesn't always.

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