Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

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Loop: Animate Dead / Robe of Bones

Using CD Characters with Older Base Sets: Overpowered Combinations?

Alain & Faxon & Donahan & Lance

You may play no more than one card....

Adding Card to Character Deck after Acquiring Role Card

Skill Replacement Powers and Check Types

2 Cohorts in the hunter deck

Best Served Cold

Sudden Confusion on Banish versus Return to Box

Corruptor Seoni

PACG Organised Play Guide - "Removing Cards from Play"

Questions about Mavaro' s role cards.

Jerribeth and Grillixbee cohorts questions

PSA: Card traits and their card text consequences

Champions of Mendev and Mythic Paths

Sphere and Fire and Aqueous Orb

Goblin Golem of Obsidian

Immolation Cloak

Dagger Cane (Occult Adventures 1)

Cheif Sull and Pauper's Thighbone

Immunity question

RotR Rules Question

Favourite characters and why?

Steal Soul and Attack Pseudo-Immunity

Red Carriage (or the Point of Owner on a Non-B Card)

S&S 5-4: Adelita Doloruso

CD Imrikja



Main-Gauche (+1) confirm rule please

Adamantine Weapons are really powerful now.

Should the Soldier have the Soldier trait?

Question regarding Asmodean Disciplines

Blessing of Nethys vs Location Fog Bank

S&S Islands of the Damned with 6 players

Yoon / Mummy's Mask Role

Five-Pointed Sun Location Complications

S&S Vomit Twin - multiple evasion or one time?

How many CDs is too much to add to an adventure + Sinderbos ability Q

Do Characters Roll Separately for Damage?

Fiendsplitter Combat Power

Hackbut Matchlock

Starting a new adventure with a friend and not sure what character to go with

Question regarding Emil

How the heck do you play urgraz? (Nyctessa confirmation)

MM Questions

S&S Sweetlips

Quick Q regarding gaining proficiencies

Simoun and the curious case of the suppressed after you act power

Question on Varian's Spell-shuffling Power

Tears of Death

Raheli (Gravewalker) - Banish to examine

Detect Evil + Alahazra CD examine +1

Quicksand Buniyup's Electricity damage

BoNethys & CD Alahazra examine +1 & Seer's Headdress

Question Ruling Alahazra power examine +1 & Magic Detect

Has this been addressed? Living Grimoire.

Sandstorm in a Deck

WOTR - When do I start Culling...

Checks to Acquire

Questions on Dogslicer and Mass Cure

Waterfront and weapon usage

Here Comes the Flood

Simoun / Dagger of Doubling Rules Clarification

MM's Flaming Spear +1

Hunter class deck Adowyn and Leryn... can be mixed?

Timing on dealing damage

Grazzle's healing -- how does it work, exactly? And is it broken?

pummeling style vs ascetic style

During which step is Varril's power used?

Nyctessa Role card - Wording, question on power.

Are there any Divine Trait Weapons, Armor, or Allies in RotR

Who shuld "ignore" the Corrupted trait?

Do Characters Continue Over Between Adventures?

Building Between Character Decks

Dumb Black Spot question

Winning Muminofrah's Amusement

Power or not: If proficient in X armors, you may recharge this card when you reset your hand

Hell's Vengeance Deck 1 Bugs & Questions

Shadow Barbs (HV2)

Sorry new player. Question on set number (?)

Ring of the Hellion (HV2)

Skills based on other skills

First Exploration Conundrum

When you're forced to add a trait to a check against a card that's immune to that trait

Horsechopper and Goblin trait

Mummy's Mask Qs

Same Card Copies

Blessing of Horus question about "After you play... you may move."

Favored Card Type During Outside of Drawing Your Starting Hand

Skizza + Flensing Jelly + Alchemist's Kit

"At the end of your turn" character powers

Ausetitha and recharge checks

Can you use multiple OR clauses of the same power on a check?

Thousand Stings whip question

Simple Explanation of How Skills Work

Bekah the Bard and Finesse

Simoun Lightning Thief Question

God Caller Opal Season of the Righteous.

SotR Reward for 1-6D Apocalypse Worldwound question

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