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In the description of the False Idol template, it lists an ability called Mark of the Idol. The part of it that confuses me is this:

Mark of the Idol (Su) wrote:
It can also, as a standard action, cause pain to a mark bearer that deals 1d6 points of damage/2 HD with no saving throw.

Normally, it specifies the creature whose hit dice it’s referring to. Are the damage dice based off of the false idol creature’s HD, or are they based off of the target’s HD?

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I suspect that the hit dice are those of the templated creature rather than the target, but as written it's difficult to say.

Since it's a third party template, I've flagged this question for a move to the third party rules questions forum in case Rite Publishing has a developer lurking there. : )

I agree with blahpers, it makes sense to be the "caster's HD", not the target's.

Template abilities are almost always based on the creature the template applies to so as the others have stated it would be based off the templated creatures hit die.

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