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I'm Looking to Play a Brawler at some point and I need advice on how to build my vision.

I want to Play A Humanoid Dragon Race that has a tail (But no wings)
and I want this character to be a Brutal Brawler,
I want him to mainly fight with his tail Hands and feet and not use is claws or bite or breath attack (Breath only if he's in a jam)

I want him to be a combat Maneuver expert and was considering beast wrestler but i am not sure about that

I want him to be expert at hand to hand combat and I am not sure what all Feats or what Archetype if any he should be

I Don't know if or when i'll play him , were starting at level 5 and I've have my Gun chemist built but i like having a back up

We Did this homebrew story before and we got to lv 18 before so i could see up to level 16 so I'd like help building this guy from level 5 to 16

The first part is the race then. There's a wyvaran race which has wings but can lose them for (relatively sucky) alternate racial traits. Or, there's nagaji, who are more snake-people than dragon-people but who have better stats for a brawler IMO. Neither get breath weapons or for that matter claws/bite. Lizardfolk do get claws and a bite, which is their main selling point beyond their stat bonuses, and you said you didn't want those natural attacks.

A wyvaran is looking at a dex build probably. On 20-point buy maybe Str 14, Dex 15+2race+1 level=18, Con 14, Int 12-2 race=10, Wis 13+2 race=15, Cha 8. Feats along the lines of dirty fighting, agile maneuvers, weapon finesse, power attack and weapon focus at level 5 (besides the bonus TWF and improved unarmed strike). Besides the obvious improved (maneuver) feats you might want to pick up dazing fist sometimes, or snake style for defence.

As a nagaji maybe Str 15+2 race+1 level=18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12-2 race=10, Wis 10, Cha 11+2 race=13. Feats might go power attack, combat expertise (you can use Cha in place of Int for prereqs), weapon focus, jabbing style (or dragon style) and martial focus. Weapon mastery feats are the non-obvious martial flexibility feats for this one.

If you have a particular combat maneuver you plan to specialise in drop weapon focus (or possibly agile maneuvers/cbt expertise) and take the improved maneuver feat. The above's more for generalists.


I think there is a feat from Kobolds of Golarion that gets rid of the racial penalty to strength, and if you're a bloodrager you'd end up with a higher strength than most.

Best part is all the dragon-themed racial feats you get access to.

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I would go with a Nagaji, then take the feat Wilding (from Ultimate Wilderness) to get a tail. After that, its all just unarmed strikes and combat maneuvers, which is what the brawler is made for.

Unless of course your GM is allowing you to build a custom dragon race, since Pathfinder doesn't have Dragonborn like D&D has. In which case, just build your average brawler, and kick the crap out of people.

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