War Drummer with Lingering Performance

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Would the bonuses from the deadly rhythm ability of the war drummer skald continue during a lingering performance?



blahpers wrote:

Good. I built a character for a friend and I thought I screwed him. He has both lingering performance and the community-minded trait. I thought I messed it up and he was only going to be getting deadly rhythm 20% of the time.

Second question, Does the quick draw part of deadly rhythm 'turn off' outside of a raging song, or does all of it (bonuses gained at later levels)? It seems to be ambiguously written.

Only the quick draw part seems to be part of a song. The rest remains

Effective Quick Draw is a consequence of the performance. Whether it lingers comes down to whether getting Quick Draw is considered a "bonus" for the purpose of lingering performance. I'm inclined to say that it is and that the entire effect of deadly rhythm persists for two rounds after the performance ends.

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