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James Jacobs wrote:
Tsuto is dead (as is his dad).

No he's not...he keeps trying to show me kitty butt when I type.

My cat is named Tsuto after that character. We were playing RotRL when we got him 5ish years ago.

I like that. I was doing 1A, 2A, 3A and RA.

I copy everything into OneNote, so I have the whole thing on one page and was having an issue with the action icons as well.

Thank you. I see it now. I looked in the Appendix 1 and 2 and brain farted and I thought it was the index. I figured I was just missing it.

In the stat block for the goblins it says:

Goblin Scuttle
Trigger A goblin ally ends a move action adjacent to the warrior.
Effect The warrior Steps.

Anyone seen where the term "Steps" is defined?

In the main rule book under Other Movement Type pg 310 it mentions Step but doesn't say what it means or am I missing it?

In either case it should be easier to find.

Fort Nunder and Trevalay are up.

I also made maps for some of the encounters that didn't have maps, that you're also welcome to use. The two Forts will go up when my player's finish those areas. Also I'll probably start book three in the next couple of weeks.

I have Fort Nunder and Trevalay that I haven't uploaded yet.

Thank you, thenovalod.

Sorry taks. :)

Campaign Cartographer 3 and then modified in gimp.

Thank you for fixing my link.

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I uploaded all the Kingmaker maps I made for my game back in 2015 onto DeviantArt.

I'll put a link here for anyone who might want to use them.

I cannot figure out how to get links to work. :/

Started adding maps for Fangs of War. Right now just Fort Ristin, but I'll had more as my players finish them.

Added two more maps to finish out Trial of the Hunted.

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I will be uploading all the maps I have created for the Ironfang Invasion to DeviantArt.

Most are recreation, but some are original for the encounters that didn't have a map and couldn't find an existing one I liked.

So far all of Trail of the Hunted are up. I'll upload others as my players get passed them.

Seems I can't get the link to embed.

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Concordia wrote:

I am not excited at all by this. I know I'll get thrashed by saying so, but I think the game is perfect as it is now.

This is purely and simply a consumering scam to get more of our money. I bought almost all of the hardcovers for "PF1", do you think I'll do it again? Sure as hell not!

I won't jump on that bandwagon.

Luckily your hardcovers won't turn to dust upon 2e's release and can still enjoy them.

Wheldrake wrote:

It wouldn't stack in any event. Only the highest of the two effects would be expressed.

He's a very cool adversary, but I encourage you to accentuate the tragic side of his personality. Before combat and in between blows, have him gaze wistfully or apologetically at the PCs, as if he regrets his actions and can't bear what he has become.

Of course that won't change his combat statistics. <g>

Oh yea, didn't think about it not stacking. Thank you.

Lamatar has resist: fire 10 written into his stats, is that suppose to be for the resist spell he has prepared or is the resist spell going to stack with that giving him 20 fire resist?

Jhaeman wrote:
We must be right at the same part, because I had the exact same confusion before poking around online. My PCs should get to the hags next week or the week after. Yeah, the Coven abilities make them much tougher!

I suspect we'll be there next week as well.

Latrecis wrote:

See the Green Hag write-up in the Bestiary for details on Hag covens.

And yes, it would be convenient if a reference to the appropriate location for information on covens had been placed in the Annis Hag write-up.

Thank you! That makes much more sense.

I'm a little confused about the three Annis hags in Harrowing the Hook. In their tactics section it says "they put up a fight for a few rounds, favoring their more powerful coven spell-like abilities like bestow curse and forcecage at the start of the fight".

I don't see anything in their stat block about coven spells. All I see is alter self and fog cloud. Am I missing something?

Thanks! It's good to hear that they are useful to others.

I'm getting a little better at them. I've got a few from the first book that were so bad I didn't upload them. I've been thinking of remaking them, just to make the collection complete.

I just started playing with the lighting in roll20 today and I see your point about the lighting in those maps. So far I'm liking it better than maptools. I'm going to do a test run with it next session.

I put up the Stag Lord Fort for anyone who needs it and I'll continue to post any other maps I do as I finish them.

I also put up Sootscale cavern without lighting for anyone who would rather have it that way.

This is the first feedback for any of my maps I've received, so I've had no idea if they were working for people or if anyone even uses them.

The Lonely Barrow is up without lighting.

I do these for my group, but I suppose I could add them to rpgmapshare before I add the shading.

You're welcome.

On the Lonely Barrow that is just the floor tiles I used and not really a grid.

The lighting barrier, are talking about the general lighting of the map? I'm not quite following you.

I noticed that I never uploaded the Stag Lords Fort, if anyone needs that I can upload it as well.

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I posted some Kingmaker maps on I made them in campaign cartographer. Just run a search for Kingmaker.

If it's not cool I'll take them down if need be.

That clears that up, thank you.

Ok, so a vanilla level 3 druid is not capable of suck a feat.

That is what I have concluded, thank you.

Is there any kind of psychic link between Druids and their animal companion? I have a player who wants to use her bear as a scout and get back visual images of what it sees.

Another question, is using wild empathy against an attacking animal viable?

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I uploaded Oleg's Trading post on I will upload all the ones I've done so far there and make them searchable by Kingmaker.

Paizo, if that is not cool, let me know and I will take it down.

I've recreated most of the maps from the first book in Campaign Cartographer. I could post them some where to download if it won't get me in trouble.

Please cancel my Player's Companion subscription.

Back to the center folds, a 5760 x 1080 wallpaper would look amazing across my eyefinity set up. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*