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Full Name

Alex MacKinnon




TelcoRogue / 20




Medium, but stretched on a rack



Special Abilities

Ignore +5, State the Obvious +10, Craft : Adventure +7


Neutral, Like Switzerland on Crack


a couple, but they stopped playing Poker with me


Bottom of the US, somewhere near Crazyville, FL


English, Latin


I work on the innernets, the tubes really, where the pipes connect

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 14
Charisma 25

About Alex MacKinnon

There once was a guy from Nantucket - awww that's not right.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far,far well not really far, actually alot like this one, actually exactly like this one, on a planet just like this one... This is tough. Can I buy a backstory for a dollar? No? How about for a bonus feat?

Down around Clearwater way there was a man 1/2 gator, 1/2, well, man. That sounded better in my head.

He hailed from the shire of Gainesville, well he likes college football a little too much maybe.

ahh - born a lowly juggler in Puddleton on Piddle, he obviously spent way to many years in Renaissance Festivals if he still remembers what we used to call the town at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. hmm

Separated at birth, Alex spent many a wayward year, spending all his money on whiskey and beer. Now he's returning with gold in great store, to do bad Irish Karaoke no more. - come on brain it's an "About" section. How tough could this possibly be?

Fourscore and Seven Years ago, Chuck Woolery came to this land and said Orcs and Gnomes should no longer go on dates. Wait, wrong storyline. Sorry about that.