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Since the rework, I've been accessing the forums "landing page" by clicking the Community tab at the top of, then clicking "Paizo" beneath the Forums heading on the resultant dropdown.
I've noticed this doesn't work on my iPhone; rather than triggering a dropdown, tapping Community takes me to a page with header and footer, but just the world "Community" in between 'em. Clicking that takes me back to

This is on iOS 11.2.6, using the default Safari browser.

Hope that's helpful and addressable! Thanks for your hard work on the new site!

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Once you’re on the community landing page, tap on the three lines to the right of My Account/Cart/Help. That brings up the drop down.

Brought to you by a guy who spent a looooong time getting frustrated with that.

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Please stay tuned, we are working on making the site more mobile friendly... We apologize for this inconvenience and will have this resolved soon

I get here when not on mobile too, if I click on community from any page other than the homepage, but there is no way to access the dropdown, as there aren't the little lines. But at least the homepage version is working now!

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