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Transport via Plants technically never mentions that the target must be on the same plane if you know where a specific plant is. The ruling hinges on one's interpretation of the phrase "any distance", and may thus under certain interpretations depend on open planar portals existing *somewhere* in the plane you find yourself on that eventually lead to the plane you are going to.

Well with slayers, if you like cheese a single level vivisectionist alchemist dip solves the slower sneak attack progression issue but... I wouldn't if I were you. It's pretty silly.

if you already want waveblade proficency, and are planning on taking as many various pools as you can just for the sake of having them, I'd reccomend a dip in brawler for proficiency and access to Martial Flexibility. It's a pool which can buy you into other pools with as needed assuming there are feats for that.

confusingly enough, pathfinder has two things called traits. What wicky is referring to is an alternate human racial ability, replacing your bonus feat while what your DM is referring to is the trait system; basically half feats which are mostly used to patch class skill holes or shore up poor saves, which you often get two of as a starting character.

For all you "druids can't rage" folks, Saurian Shaman druids already can, through the rage subdomain, which they gain access to. Trading wild shape for a better improvement track on that seems reasonable. That said, I'd drop acid resistance as off-theme, and consider replacing the bonus domain with something directly storm themed? Control weather once a day and reduce the time to change the weather using the spell to rounds rather than minutes?

I played a raging druid using the above domain and it went pretty darn well, but without any shapechanging until late level I think this should be ok. But what's the fun or raging if you can't do it as an allosaurus? ;)

I get here when not on mobile too, if I click on community from any page other than the homepage, but there is no way to access the dropdown, as there aren't the little lines. But at least the homepage version is working now!

4th: Sending (great fun for harassing a villian after you see them the first time), Rags to Riches, Glimpse the Truth (for when you have an oldschool dm who likes faking you out with illusions on treasure/ you've got a puzzle to solve and you want to check to be sure), False Future, Divination, Deadman's Contingency
3rd: Stone Shape, Speak With Dead, Skyshroud, See Beyond, Riversight, Revelation, blood biography, bestow insight, Cursed Treasure (with some creativity), Daggermark's Exchange, Fortune's Path, Nap Stack, Obscure Object, Paragon Surge

That's about as far down the list as I'm willing to go. But these are all things I might use post the adventuring portion of a day. Hope you find something you like! Note a lot of these burn treasure in exchange for information, so use with discretion.

5th: Summon Laborers, Oasis, Mage's Decree, Find the Path, Commune, and Commune with Texts
all look promising in the right situation
I'll find some more later :)

If gust of wind weren't terrible I'd recommend that, but I think it unlikely your primary flying foe is faeries or something... so no idea.

Flight isn't nessecary against large opponents. Just choose a grid intersection at the top of your square and you should be fine.

Well, at least you'd be giving up all of transmutation for conjuration, and vice versa. Both on the same character is just begging for you to overshadow everyone. But you're right, a more in-depth solution would have better results. Like all of these "just change one thing" attempts at fixing what is most definitely a complex problem, it has it's failings.

the next time I play a wizard I might just voluntarily restrict myself to a single school of magic. I've always thought that might just be the fix we need. The problem in my experience is options, not raw power... for the most part, and only a single school would definitely remove options.

Varies too much by character. There are a very few ways to make the range and number of attacks effectively infinite, but those are extreme outliers. Given optimal conditions the answer is shots per round * (distance enemies first spotted at ÷enemy max move speed), plus or minus a few shotd depending on suprise and who wins initiative.

So it really cuts down on the ability to patrol, but it sounds like you need about 5 people on camp duty, 5 out on the roads, and 5 sleeping. Numbers can be adjusted a bit if you don't plan on night patrols, but you probably still want at least half the mercenaries in camp at any given time to maintain a group like that with no nonfighting members.

I was going to say mistmail, but that was nerfed at some point...

I am amused by a vigilante link whose alternate identity is kid link. The magical child style transformation seems especially fitting ;)

Vampire hunters. You show an obvious sign of being one, so some are getting sent your way at least a few times.

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Ah! I was calling them Apologists not Appeasers earlier, thus the confusion, oops! Either way, they're doing both for these evil deities I suppose as they focus on the *good* aspects of gods like Diceid, lord of Invasive species, extinction, natural disaster ;)
Or the follower of Folca who just really really likes candy, I guess... yeah not touching that concept with a ten foot pole.

You can, very badly, via the 5th level class feature of the cleric achetype Appeaser.

Agents of Evil wrote:
Channel Utility (Su): An appeaser channels negative energy, but also gains limited access to positive energy. At 5th level, an appeaser can channel positive energy as a full-round action, but he treats his cleric level as if it were 4 lower when determining the amount of damage he can deal to undead and the amount of hit points he can restore to living creatures. This ability alters channel energy.

agreed on versatile channeler. You'd have to get in via the alternate requirement of Improved Counterspell or Augment Summon, which isn't nearly as good with your inability to cast both good and evil spells combined with outsider's tendency to rely on uncounterable spell-like abilities.

Kalindlara wrote:
Envoy of balance requires a morally-neutral deity, unfortunately.

I admit it is a bit of a stretch, but neutral evil deities worshipped by apologists are both neutral and grant the ability to channel positive and negative energy to their followers, specifically you, once you hit fifth level. Rules as intended they probably meant neutral on the evil/good axis... but, rules as written...

Champions of Balance wrote:

Special: If the character gains spells from a deity, this

deity's alignment must be neutral and it must be able to
grant followers the ability to channel both positive and
negative energy.

apologists allow for you to at least plead your case with a hopefully lenient game master. It's a stretch, but a flavorful one.

Kalindlara wrote:
That said... Pact Servant would make things really interesting. ^_^

I wholeheartedly agree ;)

luckily it lacks a helm slot, making it immune to helm of opposite alignment spam ;)
I'd suggest taking it to the original weilder/creator who whether through design or happenstance infused the blade with it's devotion to good in the first place, and then maybe undergoing a quest he specifies to help purify it again as a possibility?

An apologist cleric going into envoy of balance would be interesting thematically. You'd want to pick a really odd god for this; I'm leaning towards Nalmungder, the daemon lord of poor decisions people make in horror films. He'd 100% be the kind of fool who would raid hell looking to kill some devils where they think they're safe ;)
A disciple of Ruapceras, the daemon lord of intolerant crusading endless revenge, who just has the world's biggest grudge against devils would also fit.
Someone like the Green Mother, or even Norgorber could work if you're looking for more subtlety.

...I'd never thought about the potential ethnicity of a child born between two samsarans... I suppose roll a d percentile based on their ethnicities in their past lives makes as much sense as any other method, and would result in the desired person of Shoanti being raised by Samsarans in the middle of the dragon empires and then returning to the Inner Sea, all by first level.

Alex Mack wrote:


Death Touched
Bred for War

sadly both of these are race traits, so no can do. Also, when you mention knockback, do you mean knockdown, the once per rage power which lets you trip without provoking and do a little damage?

Looking at toxicant a little bit closer I think it won't be a great choice, but still could be a flavorful one I suppose. The rogue levels will make your saves fall behind by 3... I suppose ability focus (toxic secretion) might fix this though.
But yes, there is no reason you can't combine toxic secretion and alchemical weapon on the same attacks, so it could work in theory.

Sacred alchemist does look really neat, though. That's some incredible flexibility, getting to choose a different domain/subdomain (from a smallish list) with an hour's work and even new discoveries on a daily basis like that.

swifthunter420 wrote:
What if I went 5 lvls in underground chemist and took the rest alchemist grenadier? I want to keep extracts if I can and I don't really want mutagens for this build if possible beastmorph and Hyde don't fit my theme really

I really liked the combination of Grenadier/Saboteur for my gnome alchemist. A climb speed and a bonus to stealth checks is at least *something* to gain from a mutagen when I wasn't planning on using it otherwise, and access to the complex bomb discovery lets you potentially layer debuffs on a single bomb throw (if you really really need to, it's expensive)

As to your question on how to up alchemical splash weapon damage, grenadier + a hybridization funnel is you answer. as Alchemical thrown weapons are weapons... you can add a hybridized splash weapon to a hybridized splash weapon... if you really need to spend all that money in one throw ;)

Edit: Missed the part about you being a wayang, oops!
Inspired chemist, Sacramental Alchemist, or Toxicant are the three archetype choices I see that stack with grenadier and get rid of that mutagen, and all three do a good job of fitting with different sorts of flavor, so take a look!

So a hunter (or other caster but hunters do this at lvl 1) using the new ally across time / army across time spells would be a unique way to do low level nightcrawler. It's not true teleportation, but you magically appearing behind your foe to shove them off balance into your own trip or stab or whatever is about as nightcrawler as it gets. For anyone using casting as part of this concept this seems like an awesome choice. An eldritch scoundrel could do this concept as a single classed rogue starting at 4th, even if the actual dimensions doors don't come online until 11th level. Could be an interesting (if feat intensive) compromise for simplicity?

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I have definitely had a game where we teleported to Absalom and hired thirty wizards to simultaneously scry someone's kid, just to be almost totally sure. We wanted to make sure they didn't seek defenses once the will saves started coming. Fails on a one still is pretty good odds of failure if you're rolling more than 20 dice.
The GM was *not* fond of that tactic, let me tell you.

So probably the meanest I've done in a game would be mythic wall of thorns plus wall of force via a mean rogue with a good supply of boundary chalk. They kept *thinking* they were going to make it out of all those automatic grapples....

Huh. I would almost always give a large companion who wants to charge Improved unarmed Strikes, so they could qualify for Dragon Style, and draw charge lanes through my party, but that's probably because my groups aren't great at coordinating in that way, and I probably overvalue the ability to ignore difficult terain for a mount, but Druids are one of the best classes for making it...
It is probably an excessive feat investment for what it gives you.

The Tactics subdomain of War is really good. Rolling initiative twice and taking the better for you or the wizard or whoever needs to go first in this particular combat is a pretty big deal. Also, you start out being able to do that six times a day, which is enough to get you through almost every single initiative roll you ever have to make. My wildshape focused Gorumite druid got so much mileage out of that domain. Trading Spiritual Weapon for Aid even worked better with their strategy of prebuffing, dropping a single no (or mostly irrelevant) save battlefield control spell (wall of thorns plus the ring which lets druids completely ignore it was the favorite), and then wading in.

The go-to spell for alchemists using syringe spears has always been skinsend to two-shot any creature (well presumably only those with skin) in the game, but you probably don't want to go that crazy...

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The polymorphic pouch gives you an easy place to store small items like wands for later grabbing.
Also, you can use elemental body to take the shape of smaller sized forms and still gain most of the scaling benefits if it becomes really necessary. Your damage dice and movement won't scale as well, but you still get the better stat boosts as you level even if you turn into a small elemental from how I understand the spell?
Here's the item: orphic-pouch/

I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together, and mention that all the work you're doing in relation to barroom brawler not only benefits fighters and brawlers, but also anyone with access to the war domain, so it's pretty widely applicable!
It's too bad advanced armor training doesn't have a warrior spirit equivalent, because from a brief stint playing a mythic character with mythic magic vestment, let me tell you, there are plenty of shenanigans to be had there!

Rylden wrote:


Link doesnt seem to be working

There was accidentally a space inserted in the long string of letters and numbers at the end. Take that out and you're good to go!

I mean I guess you could use this book's pages to disguise a spellbook as a different kind of book, by covering them with scribbles or mundane diagrams?
Or you could make an awesome reusable coloring book with the right spell cipher I'm sure ;)

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I mean a group of 10 or wraiths getting organized is an extinction level threat, honestly... just go exclusively after undefended peasants, and spread out once you have sufficient spawn to ensure you can kill your target and be gone with only one round of combat.
Eventually you'll have powerful (or disguised) adventurers killing a few wraiths here and there, but at that point you should have hundreds, spread out all over, not committing to fights.
An apocalypse doesn't take much in a fantasy setting.

So my guess would be that the difference making this seem too violent is that the player is presented with actual freedom and options on how to react to things, rather than "oh the battle animation is starting nothing to do but fight it out I guess"?

I could see how the freedom of choice might make you feel like you're perpetrating violence, unlike in a system where it's super obvious there is no possible other choice, because that's just how it's built. Good luck with the game!

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Due to my love of random tables, I've always wanted to take craft staff as a druid and make a staff of reincarnate once a week. Sure you'd probably never have the 18 pc deaths you'd need to justify it's cost, but finding at least one NPC a week who is worthy of coming back seems likely.

andreww wrote:
Kobold Commando wrote:
Traits can be used to make these key off wisdom
Which traits are these?

None that I can find. My mistake, thanks for catching it.

If you're wanting more casting power, A druid does ok in this role; a human green faith initiate putting their favored class bonus into the special human option can gain their level to diplomacy checks to change someone's attitude (half otherwise) and half their level to sense motive and intimidate(not for demoralizing).
Traits can be used to make these key off wisdom, or there is always the conversion inquisition if you'd rather sacrifice domain casting.
The silver-tongued and focused study alternate racial traits are also worth looking into if your skills are a major focus.

Nicos wrote:
Nohwear wrote:
Cavall wrote:

You can start a summoning spell as a standard action and finish as a standard next round. So if you have a high initiative it's not a bad way to spend a surprise round. You can standard action start and then act quickly to finish before others have acted.

That would allow what you summoned to get some hits in on some flat footed people.

You can? This is the first time that I have heard about this.

"Start/Complete Full-Round Action

The "start full-round action" standard action lets you start undertaking a full-round action, which you can complete in the following round by using another standard action. You can't use this action to start or complete a full attack, charge, run, or withdraw."

Sadly it doesn't quite seem to work how you're suggesting, as summoning is a 1 round action which has some extra caveats beyond just being a full round action. I'll post the relevant text from the prd.

PRD, Casting Time wrote:

A spell that takes 1 round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed.

...(some stuff about multi-round spells)
When you begin a spell that takes 1 round or longer to cast, you must continue the concentration from the current round to just before your turn in the next round (at least). If you lose concentration before the casting is complete, you lose the spell.

So while you could start casting this during a surprise round, all that would give you would be a move action during that first full round in addition to having the spell go off at it's normal time, with all the inherent concentration difficulties.

Kolokotroni wrote:

In my opinion if a game is not an 'open world sandbox' like kingmaker, NEVER use random encounter tables. NEVER. Actually plan your encounters. And make them meaningful and have a purpose for your story. Perhaps you want to represent the transition from one area to the other, so have the encounters representative of the threats native to the regions the party is traveling through, (I presume traveling for 30 days they are going fairly far).

You can take all this advice and still use a random encounter table. You just use the provided encounter as a starting point and then proceed to do exactly what you suggested, as suggested upthread.

Kraken caller provides bonuses to dirty trick, but no other combat maneuver. It seems to be intended for druids who want to specialize in weapon+natural attack styles, using the tentacles as secondary attacks along with a flame blade or some other combination.

Either your original idea of a serpent shaman, an aquatic druid with the aquatic domain, or just normal druid would all work fine for your concept.
Call animal+ wild empathy also allows for lots of aquatic shenanigans, especially if you can find ways to increase it's caster level. There's nothing quite like the capsize ability of whales to mess with a ship; all you have to do is distract the captain if he's especially good and then over goes the whole thing and everyone has to fight on your terms.

Though I suppose that might be a problem as far as piracy is concerned? Good luck!

DethBySquirl wrote:

...unless you carry around Large sized melee weapons. Though a giant wielding a Shillelagh is potentially amusing.

Actually you just have to carry around a medium sized club or staff along with your other gear. In this case, the spell does the rest of the work for you.

PRD wrote:
When you cast a polymorph spell that changes you into a creature of the animal, dragon, elemental, magical beast, plant, or vermin type, all of your gear melds into your body ... If your new form does not cause your equipment to meld into your form, the equipment resizes to match your new size.

A few items which might stand out

Goz Mask: fixes your smoke problem. Fogcutting Lenses are a strictly worse version (from an even more obscure source) if you're having trouble getting DM approval for the mask.
Rod of Furious Spell: lesser or normal depending on what kinda boons your DM is handing out. Alternately, a pile of potions of lesser restoration can somewhat alleviate the casting in rage problem, as they let you get back into rage if really necessary without having to deal with lesser restoration's 3 round casting time.
Gloves of Elvenkind: it sounds, from your stats and vmc, like you're doing a lot of combat casting. These give you a +5 to concentration checks to cast defensively and spellcraft checks (in general).
Ring of Rat Fangs: If you're having trouble hitting with those natural attacks, piling on even more of them can up your overall chance of hitting at least. There are other items that suit this goal but a lot of them might require you having an appropriately shaped version for your favorite wildshape form. (helm of the mammoth lord comes to mind)

here to second items fitting their role/station. Things like 2 way communication mirrors, ring gates to important figure's offices, refuge tokens made by each king's personal guard, or the like. Stuff that reads "we trust you, implicitly" and allows them to do their duty better. Alternately daily use high save/widened calm emotion items could fit the bill if they're more concerned with internal than external threats. There's little better for forcing a chance to talk things out.

Renarin Kholin wrote:
only con is being a halfling (not really the direction i wanted)

So you're wanting to make it into the big leagues then?

xDemoquinx wrote:
What phase is that?

Wolverine spent a short period on Madripoor pretending to be a superspy socialite. He owned a nightclub, carried a pistol, did the whole disguise thing; basically it was the period where he would belong in this class. His alias was Patch, after the eyepatch he wore.

Apologies that this is only tangentially related to the guide at hand.

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