Sundering a Shadowcraft weapon ???

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Hello, I am building a Zon-Kuthon Warpriest, and after considering the Weapon Sacrifice option I realized that I have no clue about these 2 questions:

Is it possible to sunder or damage quasi-real shadowcraft weapons?

If so, which is the Hardness and how many hitpoins has a shadowcraft weapon?

Bonus: If you can not damage them, can you use Weapon sacrifice with them? Does this depend on any Will save?

Nothing seems to say they don't, so RAW, they do. What that would be is harder to say.

Personally, I would look to shadow conjuration. So, 1/5th hp, full hardness. Unless they disbelieve, then 1/5th hardness. Based off the hp and hardness of the type of weapon it currently is.

I would then add the bonuses from enhancement on top, and fully (not dividing by 5, even if they disbelieve).

Thanks. I guess you are right, it is the only reference to how shadow things work. Even if it makes melee shadowcraft weapons even worse.

I have yet to decide if I am really mean and still pick Weapon Sacrifice to lower the treasure that mi PC can loot.

Lashing Shadowcraft weapon looks pretty handy.

toastedamphibian wrote:
Lashing Shadowcraft weapon looks pretty handy.

I know, that and zon-kuthon flavor are the reasons why the NPC has a shadowcraft wepon in the first place. But there are huge chances of making 1 weapon damage.

If they disbelieve, it deals minimum damage, like you rolled all 1's on your damage dice. So say you have a d12 weapon, average is 6.5 if they believe, or 1 if they don't. Average of 4.5 damage depending on if they make their save. Not ideal, but not catastrophic.

Since Shadowcraft weapons don't have any special sundering rules, they sunder like everything else.

Having it have less HP like shadow conjuration makes sense, but it would be a houserule.

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