How to use Friend of Fire? (Solar Sorc ability)


I've been trying to figure out how to make good use of the 'extra healing' aspect of the following Solar Sorcerer 3rd level ability, and would love advice from others. Presume PFS legality requirements, presume the character is a Human with a normal human body and is mostly a blaster Sorc.

The ability is as follows:

Friend of Fire (Su): At 3rd level, you gain fire resistance 10. At 5th level, when in contact with flame or a burning object (including a flaming weapon, lantern, or torch), add 1 per die to any healing effect of which you are the target. At 9th level, your fire resistance increases to 20. At 20th level, you gain immunity to fire.

Are there any practical ways to reliably have a fire/burning item handy while still having one hand free to hold Metamagic Rods and another hand free to cast spells? Admittedly the healing effect is modest, but I want to see if one can make use of it.

Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Is there any reason you can't tie a torch to the end of a metamagic rod? Or is there some PFS rule against it?

Edit: Since you have fire resistance 10 I guess you might break a flask of alchemist's fire over your hand for a couple rounds of fire. The dancing lantern spell might also work for you.

permanency continual flame on your cloak

A Miner's Lantern can be strapped to sturdy headgear.

Continual Flame is a nice idea, but unfortunately doesn't work; it's a Light effect and isn't truly a fire of any sort.

A torch tied to the rod might work, and a miner's lantern seems promising too. Those are good ideas, thanks for suggesting them! EDIT: Dancing Lantern spell might be an ideal solution, too.

Ok since I have not played in PFS maybe I am off, but I thought that arcane caster's could use one handed items in their casting as a focus. Ala use a dagger as an athame to focus your spells. I mean if a wizard can choose it as a bonded item for then I would assume that a sorcerer can cast with one in hand. Also are you sure you want to go the metamagic route? As a sorcerer that pulls your casting time out to a full round action.

Random but possible alternative. Dip into fire kinetecist for 3 levels, you get elemental overflow and can set use an all day ability to accept burn in the morning and be an object on fire.

Or Feats

1. Familiar Bond

2. Improved Familiar (Choose a fire elemental or a fire wysp)

A 3 level dip is kind of extreme to take advantage of a modest healing boost. The idea of picking up a Fire-related familiar on the other hand is clever. Not something I can fit into my build, but it is quite clever. I like it!

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