Asylum strategy advice?


So, a new game I'm in pits the party as inmates in an insane asylum. When we go to sleep, we have nightmares about a large monster that is powerful and kills us every night. We had no gear to start at level one, but I've found a longsword, a breastplate, a maybe magical ring, and a couple potions. I'm probably the weakest statistically (we rolled stats), so I've gotta play smart even though I've a WIS of 8 and a CHA of 6. I went with human fighter and chose power attack, weapon focus (lucerne hammer), and throw anything. He had us buy equipment but we don't have it yet.

So, my dilemma is many. Help?

Oh, we reached level two and I picked up opening volley for the once per fight +4 if I hit them with like a brick or something.

Oof, rolled stats are awful. :/

Talk to your GM about the gear. Sounds like a certain adventure path- if so I'm a little surprised that you don't have the gear.

Talk to your GM about the stats, at least if they start getting in the way of fun.

About the nightmares, well, any advice there would be a little too spoilery.

"Don't close your eyes" (God knows what lies behind them)

"Don't turn out the light" (Never sleep never die)

Haul your sorry arses out of the pits and find your fellow survivors. And ask them if they have nightmares and how they handle them.

Oh, crap. I didn't know it was an AP.

So not sleeping obv isn't going to help long term, but I'll go until the minuses are devastating I guess.

We did just run into some inmates but they were decked out in gear. Might not be a bad idea to talk to them anyway.

Anything else?

Silver Crusade

You're going to want to take Iron Will at some point. A low will save is not good.

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