Void Kineticist's Elemental Saturation?

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I recall there being posted in the list of kineticist elements an example of void saturation which is no longer there. Does anyone remember/know what it was and why it was taken down? How does a void kineticist find a place of saturation and what are the checks?

Scarab Sages

Void saturation? Anywhere in interstellar space sounds good....:P

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Void saturation? Anywhere in interstellar space sounds good....:P

No. In the kineticist class's element descriptions, in each element there is a listing of elemental saturation to which the kineticist can attune himself and gain unique abilities. It requires several very difficult skill checks and is almost part of a mini-quest. Dies anyone know which book this is in?

Paizo Employee Designer

It's in Occult Realms but I don't think there's a full void saturation in there. I have ideas, but they aren't in the book.

Yeah, there are only elemental saturations for the five core kineticist elements. Maybe in Planar Adventures?

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