Natural Attacks and Class Abilities that Modify Weapons

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I think I know how I'd rule on this, but I can't for the life of me find a clear rules statement:

EXAMPLE: If a creature has 2 natural attacks of the same kind (e.g., 2 claws) and levels in a class that grants the ability to imbue weapons with special abilities (like the paladin's holy bond), how does that interact?

THE WAY I THINK IT WORKS: The ability could be added to a single natural attack (i.e., one claw would become flaming or whatever).

THE WAY IT COULD WORK: The ability is added to both natural attacks of the same type (i.e., both claws but not a bite, if the creature also had a bite).

THE WAY IT MIGHT NOT WORK AT ALL: But there could be a statement somewhere that these types of enhancements only apply to manufactured weapons (or a monk's unarmed strikes). I haven't found one, but hey, big rule set...


It applies as your first example, to one of the weapons chosen.

Some abilities similar to Divine Bond allow imbuing multiple weapons with special properties, in which case you could apply it to more than one natural weapon.

IIRC most of these don't denote that the weapon must be manufactured, so natural weapons would apply.

It depends on the dweomer. They generally say. The Weapon Focus Feat would apply to all or both your claws, and so would Sacred Weapon Damage, but Enhancement Bonuses from Sacred Weapon would only apply to 1 Claw. And Inquisitor's Bane would only work on 1 Claw. Magic Fang would only work on 1 Claw, as would Lockjaw. Strong Jaw works on all your Natural Attacks: Bite, Claws, Tail, and Bellybutton.

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It only applies to one claw, not both claws.

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There are a few notable exceptions
- Arcane Strike effects all of your attacks, so it applies to every natural attack.
- Deliquescent Gloves would apply to both claw attacks.
- The kinetic fist form infusion of the Kineticist applies to all natural attacks

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