Cursed Wondrous Items (Price Question)


Hello boards, just a quick question. I'm currently statting up a major subplot boss fight, and was wondering how I would price items that are heavily cursed. For example, he is wielding an artifact based on Gram from the Norse myth, and I deducted about half his level 11 wealth for it. It's equivalent to a much higher cost- but it among about half of his gear is cursed.

He has a cloak of resistance that gives him a profane bonus rather than resistance- but the bonus is a penalty vs effects from changelings or hags. He has a cursed helm that gives him a +5 to intimidate, but his mind is in a sort of constant fog, and his mood and emotions can be manipulated by the helms crafter.

An uncursed +3 cloak is 9k, and a magic item to give a +5 is 2.5k. What would the curses take off for "effective cost"?

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the cloak of profane resistance is actually *really* good - how often is one going to run into changelings or hags? If it's profane, it stacks with a resistance bonus too! So that's probably no or minor cost change.

For the helm, that's a *big* drawback. Probably easily equal to the benefit. Certainly I don't think I've ever played a PC who'd put it on intentionally, knowing what it did.

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