Into the Shattered Continent (GM Reference)

Ruins of Azlant

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Running through this one, and things are going great so far.

Regarding areas like the Bleeding Forest and Bonetown, creative geography edits are definitely the way to go. I put the waterfall cave in the bleeding forest, for example, so that the players would realize themselves after searching the rest of the river that the place they were looking for was somewhere beneath that crimson canopy. It worked perfectly.

The most unexpected thing I've faced thusfar is how resistant the PCs are to scouting forests for lumber, and stone for quarries. They complain a bit about always being sent on the dangerous missions, and insist that Ramona and Carver are trying to get them killed, but they still ultimately do those dangerous missions. "Go look at trees", on the other hand, sends them into fits of rage about having to do such a pedestrian job.

...I'm probably just going to let them keep finding other things to do until the plot moves on. They seem to take some mild pleasure in deliberately shirking that work in particular, so there's no hurry to say that an NPC eventually gets around to doing it in their stead.

How did the final encounter play out for you? Are you supposed to randomly determine from which patch the fire spreads? I guess if every patch keeps spreading the PCs don't stand any chance to stop it at all.

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