Ideas to continue my Skull and Shackles campaign (Spoilers) (Dalindra stay away!)

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I've finished GMing my Skull and Shackles campaign and I'd like to continue it. It doesn't seem too complicated as the characters tend to get involved into everything.

Something special about my campaign is that it takes place on a Dragonlance setting, so Golarion specific lore won't work (even though Chelaxians have their replacement so anything involving them would be kinda OK).

The campaign went much alike it's supposed to go in the AP:

-The Undine bard captain has been reluctantly earned the title of Hurricane Queen, but she's more willing to keep adventuring than to involve in politics. She wants to get rid of the title ASAP but doesn't find anyone worth of it.
-I've developed a bit the story of the Deep Platinum and the Aboleth when the PCs found a colony of mind controlled sea elves that were enslaved by the Aboleth to mine the Deep Platinum. For those familiar with Dragonlance's lore, the PCs are wondering if the Deep Platinum could come from the mountain of fire that the God's threw into what is now the Blood Sea (where the story takes place).
-As Minotaurs have their empire on the Blood Sea and the pirates have been so busy fighting other dangers and have changed their leader recently, I had thought about having the Minotaurs to strike an attack against the pirates trying to conquer the lands they own. Tessa Fairwind has her dominions in one of the islands of the Minotaurs and I had thought of them taking control of her homeport while she was away fighting against the invaders. My idea was having the PCs striking back against the Minotaurs and declaring a war.
-An underwater campaign focused on the Aboleth and Deep Platinum could also be attractive but I'd had to develope it some more. Having the Aboleth enslaving the Sea Elves could be interesting.

I'm looking for both ideas to continue or prewritten stuff (I don't care if it's 3PP) to adapt. As the characters would pretty much involve into anything it shouldn't be difficult but I want to keep the pirate and nautical theme (if something is not about that theme but can be adapted to it it's OK).

Any ideas, suggestions etc. are welcome! I'm not on a hurry about this as I won't be GMing it at least in a few months, but I like to collect ideas in advance.

(I'm going to create threads for ideas for some other campaigns later, as I am now in a phase of collecting ideas for different adventures that I am going to GM later).

Thanks everybody in advance.

And Dalindra... Stay away, dammit!


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Finding an heir for the Hurricane Crown would be interesting.

Currently playing this right now so sorry for being hesitant!

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Don't be sorry. Thanks for your answer!

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Np ^w^

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I've also substituted Minotaurs for Cyclops in my campaign. My S&S is run in Mystara with Thyatians and Alphatians being the antagonists.

Minotaurs harassing Tessa is a great idea as that could lead into a 'Forgotten Kingdom' kind of feel as they beat back the invasion and then pursue to discover where they came from and ensure no more reprisals.

I love the Deep Platinum angle and just so you know /swipe! My group just bumped into the Abo at the Brine Banshee and did real well against it with some good saves on the Domination. It fled to the depths to re-plan it's conquests! Plus, I have an Aquatic Elf PC Daredevil Bard so that will be a nice Liberation of the Relatives angle! And who doesn't love smashing Aboleth face in!!! Creepy buggers!

I don't have any set ideas for you at the moment but I will go peruse my library and if any of it looks interesting, I'll hit you back.

Great nuggets of ideas you have already, hope I can help!

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Well she can host a competition. Like the regatta in book 3 (?)

Thanks for the ideas and comments!
The competition sounds like a good idea, but I'm unsure of how interesting would it be to roleplay that for my players. Devicing a competition could be great as a part of the story, but not as a main plot.
Anyway, I take note of this idea because it seems cool.
I also want to see her take her role as the Hurricane Queen before she passes the crown to another person. I'm still unsure if she will do it.
Fun fact: she wanted to make Sandara the new Hurricane Queen but she didn't want to. Both are lovers and they used to share Besmara's tricorne. So now she loves to make the crown look like Besmara's tricorne and mess around so nobody knows which of both is wearing the crown.

After our Skull and Shackles game ended we talked about continuing it but never got to it. I think our idea was pretty interesting though, and it may work for you.

The basic concept was to take piracy inter-planar. The first thing would have been a quest on the material plane to get access to a device that would let the ship plane shift (or create a gate or something similar) to other planes, probably a very limited set at first, and in those planes find addition parts that would give access to more.

One reason for this was that our group really had a blast with doing some piracy in the 2nd and 3rd books, but after that the AP moved away from that for the most part, and of course we were powerful enough that reasonable ships wouldn't be any sort of a challenge. Taking the game extra-planar allows a whole new level of foes and lets you get back some of the feel of those early days but with actual challenges for high level characters and commensurate rewards.

We started a different game after the AP ended, and our plan to come back to our skull and shackles characters never panned out, but I do think it could have been a pretty fun adventure.

The aboleth could be a pretty good place to have a device that lets a ship plane shift, if you wanted to tie it in to what you have above.

I'm not sure this would be the appropriate thing for my players. I've already considered some extraplanar adventures, as they have already been into the Elemental Plane of Water thanks to Vailea's planeshifting ability. They also have still Vailea (the marid) around, even if she's free now, and they are good friends.

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I really like the idea with a war with the minotaurs. Just as they think they have avoided one war, another kicks off in full force. Perhaps they are attacked while transferring the crown to the next Hurricane King/Queen? The crown is then lost and so they must retrieve it to regain control and unite the pirate lords. You could also throw in some old supporters of Harrigan to put a wrench in the gears, so to speak. Or even take a piece of advice Dalindra and/or yourself gave me and have him come back as some sort of undead. It could make a good B plot, or he could even be behind the minotaur invasion. Sort of a whisperer-in-the-ear to the minotaur leader.

Love your ideas!!!
My idea is, as Kiani and her troupe are planning of throwing the biggest party ever (a party that will last many days) to celebrate the defeat of the enemy army and the crown.

So I was getting Dindreann to come in the middle of the party telling that minotaurs have attacked her hometown and conquered it, killing many people and burning buildings. The temple is destroyed and she escaped thanks to the gods (divine spells xD). Something like that.

Kileanna wrote:

Something special about my Skull and Shackles campaign is that it takes place on a Dragonlance setting.

-As Minotaurs have their empire on the Blood Sea and the pirates have been so busy fighting other dangers and have changed their leader recently, I had thought about having the Minotaurs to strike an attack against the pirates trying to conquer the lands they own.

**eyes widen**

That's fricken brilliant! If I ever run Skull and Shackles, I will seriously consider making it a Dragonlance Campaign!

My very first campaign after moving here was the original Trilogy, run in good ol 3.5 using the 3pp 3.5 ed Dragonlance books (all of which I still own). We've returned to the universe a couple of times since then, but it's been years since my last Dragonlance campaign.

Do you have any conversion notes about how you Dragonlance-i-fied all of the Golarion related things? If so, I'd love to read them.

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I got rid of many rules and classes because my players felt too constrained about them.

I let Wizards of High Sorcery as normal Wizards so they didn't have to deal with many opposition schools, but they still have to be specialists on the schools of their order or generalists.

I use the rules for moon magic for the wizards who have passed the Test. Passing the test also grants a magic item for wizards with a familiar or a minor enhancement of the bonded item.

I removed the prestige classes for the knightly orders, but I encourage Solamnics as Fighters and Cavaliers (cavaliers are specially fitting). Still they don't accept non divine spellcasters into their ranks.

The Magus in my game are mostly Knights of Neraka, and I made the Order of the Skull composed basically of Oracles. (As they have recently rid of their Clerics because they don't want to follow any god that is not Takhisis).

I've made some changes to the races to fit into Pathfinder with a higher stat modifier.
Half ogres are my replacement for half orcs and I use the stats for the latter.
Dwarves change their hatred for orcs to hatred for draconians.
The elves have the following changes:
-Silvanesti: As base elves
-Kagonesti: +2Dex, +2Wis, -2Cha
-Qualinesti (IIRC): +2Dex, -2Con, +2Cha
With some changes to the alternative traits that I cannot remember. Kagonesti had their elven magic replaced for a sutvavility trait, i.e.

The Gods have also gained some domains and changed others that no longer exist on Pathfinder.

I'm talking by memory right now as I cannot access my notes at this time.

I have to get everything put together and upload them to the messageboards if you are interested. But I don't have major changes applied to Pathfinder rules, as I love Pathfinder as it is and I was OK with just taking the flavor of the setting and move to Pathfinder rules.

I am writing down my S&S campaign too, if you are interested to check.

Now I am searching for modules and stuff of the appropriate level to see if I find some maps, encounters or storylines that I can make fit to the minotaur story. I don't want everything to be too straightforward as my players love situations with some roleplaying and problem solving.
Some ideas?

What period are you playing in?

After War Of Souls and Takhisis death?

Yes, Age of Mortals, after Takhisis death, Dragon Overlords defeated, Minotaurs kicked out of Silvanesti in a previous campaign, and a lot of homebrew plots.

Ah, and Sanction being in process of being conquered by Chemosh followers in an adapted campaign of Way of the Wicked.

I don't like to GM in previous periods because I like my players to feel free to interact with the setting with the freedom to change anything they want without feeling constrained.

Another random thought was an idea about making the PCs start the story in different places to then gather them together.

Darren, the Sorcerer, is married to Agasta Smythee and probably interested in start some legitimate business.

Fox, the Swashbuckler, now has his own ship and is going to start a life as a Free Captain on his own.

Kiani, the bard, has the Hurricane Crown and commands a lot of respect but she wants to keep living as a normal pirate. She is also very attached to the Island of Empty eyes and she has started a small utopic settlement there. Sandara has stayed with her even if she is also a Free Captain.

So I had thoughts about giving them a small quest living the minotaur invasion each one from a different point of view before getting them back together.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Based on some of your other posts, I would love to play in you sandbox. Sadly, we are way too far apart for that.

While I don't have big story things, I could see a possibility for a new Hurricane King. Our own S&S campaign departed the shackles before the end of the AP and went far out into unknown territory. It ended with my character staying on the planet while the rest went into the planes. [Character driven reasons.]

Character bio:
As a diplomancer (Bluff & Diplomacy 28, Intimidate 15), with the leadership feat, he would be great at politics. While mostly martial, he has some casting ability, and some Su abilities. [Ninja 10/Witch 4]. Recent events changed him from a humanoid into a large ape. He had to switch his main weapon from dual Wakizashis to a Kusarigama. Made sense with his new size and reach. With Invisible Blade, 5d6 sneak atack, and 25' attack radius, he could do a lot of crowd control. He could also move about the field of battle easily with a Acrobatics 20 (jump 29 & 1/2 DC). Add in the coven abilities for more goodness at casting. [GM never let me get a hag :-( or other way to boost the coven.] As to having a fleet, he had 5 ships before events stripped away everyone's fleets. However, he has a Lyre of Building (which can make ships), and plans for recovering downed ships via an animated shipyard that can swim and get sunken ships. Leadership was used to create an information network, as well as covens at every port. I also had some ninjas working for me. With some of my treasure, I became a partner with Rickety Squibbs. [Thus making it easier to do shipbuilding and repair.]

If you want, I can PM full details. Just add in a planar "oops" and my cohort and I could be there. As an NPC in your game, the character has many plot drivers and connections available to use. And he can take over the position your queen does not want. We could PBM background events involving him, and I could easily help flesh out ideas as opposed to comming up with them in the first place.


Thanks for the praise and the ideas, Cevah!

Your ideas and your character sound really interesting!

As I said, the planar stuff isn't difficult to use with Vailea (the marid) around, as she has gone to travel the planes for some time to celebrate her freedom but after that she will return. She can cast Plane Shift at will and she's the undine PC's ancestor so I can use her as a tool for introducing some new plots.

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