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Quite a while back, while using a Google Sheets based PF character sheet that some of you are probably familiar with, I thought "y'know, I am a software engineer, I can do better than this annoying thing".

The good new is that I think I may have been right, and I am finally ready to show this puppy to the world.

Snowblind's AutoPF character sheet

It still isn't totally feature complete, but it is most definitely usable, and frankly I could use the extra eyes playtesting for bugs. Hopefully some of you will find it useful as well.

I *think* everything works, but feel free to yell at me if something breaks. I ran a playtest with my own group and it worked mostly fine, but I have changed a few things since and I haven't tested every feature again so something may have broken without me realizing.

***the lavish praise of my pro hacking skills may now commence***

Dotting. For sure checking out later. Looks awesome so far though!

On my phone but will check it out soon

Good to haves some free Automated PF character stuff out there. :)

Wow, looks like you put a lot of work into it! One question: does the sheet calculate for the character point buy system like what you see here? (NOTE: you have to click on what tier of character points you are working with to get the page to open up)


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