Omnikinesis misunderstanding?

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Hey, I don't know if this was already answered, I checked, but couldn't find a conclusive answer to my questions...

I was reading about the ability ''Omnikinesis'', the level 20 ability for the kineticist class (text below) and I'm not sure if I'm reading and understanding it wrong or anything.

''Omnikinesis (Su)

At 20th level, a kineticist transcends the distinction between the different elements and can bend all creation to her will. By accepting 1 point of burn (in addition to any burn requirement of the kinetic blast she chooses), she can use any blast wild talent she doesn’t know.

By accepting 1 point of burn as a standard action, she can change any of her wild talents into any other wild talent of the same category (such as simple blasts or defense) for 24 hours, ignoring any elemental requirements or restrictions (but not any other requirements or restrictions).''

My problem lies in the second paragraph, does it mean that I could, for example, exchange a 1st level utility wild talent for a 9th level one, as long as they both are ''utility'' wild talents? Because it doesn't specify if the levels must be the same or lower.

Also, I'm not sure about what could be the other requirements or restrictions..

Thanks in advance :)

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You must meet the non-elemental prerequisites (such as being eligible for 9th level utility talents), but there is no reason you could not simply 'trade up' your 1st level utility wild talents for the day.

Thank you very much for your clarifications! :D

But isn't the prerequisite you mentioned already met when you have Omnikinesis (because you would be level 20) and you need to be level 18 and up to meet the prerequisite of being eligible for 9th level utility talents?

Or do you mean that if I try to trade up a talent, I must take into account the considered -4 to kineticist level if the talent I'm trying to learn is from an element other than my 'main' or first element?

Sorry to ask so many questions... :/

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You don't need to worry about the -4, as you can ignore the elemental prerequisites. And, as mentioned, you typically already are eligible for 9th level talents by the time you have Omnikinesis.

Therefore, the only wild talents you specifically have to worry about are those that require other wild talents, such as Wings of Air, Cloud, or composite blasts.

I think the "not any other requirements or restrictions" refers primarily to prerequisites. Like you couldn't use omnikinesis to gain reactive touchsight without first having touchsight, or greater air's shroud before having air's shroud because those talents are written as improving the talent they have as their prerequisite.

This is in effect a future proofing of the effect, since post Psychic Anthology it prevents you taking any of the Kinetic Invocation wild talents without having the Kinetic Invocation feat (or the appropriate racial elemental affinity.)

So this feels at least related, but to the first half of omnikinesis. Does spending the burn to use a different blast wild talent allow you to use a composite blast with that?

Say I have aether, lightning, and water as my base and two expanded elements. Could I use a fire blast and combo that with my already known water blast to make a composite steam blast? Or would I need to trade out for 24 hours to accomplished that?

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