What date is today on Golarion?

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Hello everybody and thank you for your time.

I'm trying to figure out how the Golarion calendar works. Here they say that today is 15 Pharast 4717, but here is said that the year 4712 AR corresponds to our year AD 1917. Is there an error in one of the two pages? Is time on Golarion working differently from how it works on Earth? I am very confused.

Also, Pathfinder Wiki says that "once every eight years an extra day is added to the end of Calistril to make up for the slight variance in the planet's orbit around the sun", but in the page for the events occurred in 4712 AR they say that "the year 4712 AR is a leap year, with an extra day added at the end of Arodus".So, how can the two worlds share a similar date if one has a leap year every four years and the other only one every eight years? And why did they add the leap day to Arodus instead of Calistril?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

What they mean by "today" is the current day that pathfinder is set in, for use for when adventures happen, and the pathfinder society global campaign. If you were to somehow teleport to Golarion from Earth 2017, it would be AR 4812 on Golarion. I think.

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The synchronization where 4712 AR equals AD 1917 is based on an event in the Reign of Winter AP where Golarion adventurers were briefly transported to Earth. That is the valid conversion in-world.

The conversion where the last two digits of the year match in both systems is used by Pathfinder Society organized play to express real world dates for PFS games in terms that sound like the Golarion calendar but that are easily calculated from real world dates. This conversion system is also used in Paizo products to set the current Golarion date whenever they publish a timeline in a product.

So take your pick according to your conversion purpose.

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The second one is the accurate statement.

Golaripedia - i.e. the first one - is in error, because it works assumptions that because the release dates of the APs correspond to our real-life dates, the actual dates also correspond - something that is a specious and otherwise unsupported claim.

We know for a fact - or rather, as much of a fact as possible - that the year 4712 AR did, in fact, correspond to 1917 due to the events within an AP that (hypothetically) happen in 4712 AR linked to events that took place in 1917.

Generally speaking, Pathfinderwiki.com is vastly, vastly superior to pathfinder.wikia.com because the latter only still exists due to wikia's rather underhanded and unscrupulous policies - the people who were running Golaripedia all transferred into the creation of Pathfinderwiki, but Wikia blacklisted and blocked them from the original site for "reasons" (mostly due to wikia not wanting to lose the money). Ever since, though there may well be solid people working at your first link, the wikia one (I don't know who handles it), the Pathfinderwiki has been substantially better, and more accurate.

In general, I strongly advocate avoiding the wikia site (called "Golaripedia" at one point) due to the way they badly mishandled the situation in the first place.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: I was ninja'd twice! Hah! Anyway, leaving this.

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Thank you all for your answers, they are greatly appreciated. Now I can understand the illusion of time a bit better.

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If 4712 = 1917, that changes the 4700 = 2000 I was told while I was the local organizer for PSOP/PFS back in 2014. I was told that 4708 = 2008, when Paizo made the Pathfinder in response to D&D 4E., and that's why the "current year" in the Inner Sea World Guide's timeline, which was released in 2011, is 4711.

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Who told you this? How official was the source? EDIT: Upon re-reading it, that doesn't actually conflict with the rest of the information we have, linking 1917 to 4712.

It's the difference between "What is the current Golarion date you are publishing material for?" and "What is the chronology of Earth compared to that of Golarion?"

That's the current publishing date comparison schedule, for sure.

The rate of publishing is supposed to occur at the same "end" on each of the dates; 08=08, 17=17, and so on.

But the actual events of "what is happening right now" in Golarion only have one in-character reference point: Reign of Winter.

It is worth noting, however, that all APs are considered to happen "right now" - so the argument could be made that there is "slippage" in the relative timelines - in other words, the argument could be made that the two are so far away that the actual passage of relative time doesn't matter, and the thing they head through is linked to an always 1917 (though that has its own issues, of course)... but there is nothing to indicate this except the publish dates aligning with the "current assumed year" dates.

Incidentally, this means that, with the exception of RotRL, SD, CotCT, JR, and Shattered Stsr (all of which are extremely losely chronologically related), the APs could play out in any order at all.

I imagine that CoT and HR/HV are similarly related, but I've neither played nor run the latter two.

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Tacticslion wrote:
I imagine that CoT and HR/HV are similarly related, but I've neither played nor run the latter two.

This is correct. CoT is assumed to take place before HV (Hell Comes to Westcrown states as much, though I'm AFB and so can't find the cite), and HV and HR are assumed to take place at roughly the same time, as is made clear by a sidebar in virtually every volume of HR.

Thanks! I new that HR/HV were supposedly more-or-less simultaneous, but I didn't know if there was a truly solid connection between CoT or now (though I presumed as much).

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