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I am trying to find out if there is any kind of party inventory management tool. My play group hoards everything they find (as they should) but getting to keep the whole list in order, looking for prices, tracking who is taking what, etc, is rather tedious and too prone to error (or abuse).

We started taking notes on paper, later we moved into excel spreadsheets, yet remain tedious to look for each item, what's the selling cost, etc. Specially for some "odd" items such as, for example +2 courageous cold iron returning buckler. Now, how much does every one of those modifiers cost? Let's bring up the Core Rulebook and start digging for the answer...

Since there are some very good tools out there to help DMing Pathfinder, I was wondering if anyone knows of any tool that handles all these things, on a party level. Anything out there that you might happen to know?

Silver Crusade

Sending you a PM.

Game on!

Liberty's Edge

Could you post resources? In curious too

Dotting in the hopes someone has mercy on us poor hoarders and shares a link/download <3

Shadow Lodge

I have a treasure tracking google doc (link) that I developed, with help, over the last few years. It's primarily built around Play by Post, but it may help a little.

Happy to share a template with folks if they PM me.

It does not automate the cost though. Still have to look that up, so it might not be what you need.

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