Restoring a skeleton with marvelous pigments

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So my current group has found the joys of creating intelligent undead, but a bit of an issue came up. They wanted to bring back an evil cleric as a skeletal champion (so it could cast spells to help them), but only thought of this idea after they had fed said cleric to their pet Otyughs. Since it was weeks ago that they fed the Otyughs the cleric, I said all they could find in the Otyughs poop was a single piece of one of the cleric's bones and that wasn't enough to bring him back as a skeletal champion with. One of the characters offered to use marvelous pigments to recreate the rest of the skeleton with (since marvelous pigments specifically says you can make bones). The question however is, would that actually work for making a skeletal champion? Usually when you make an intelligent undead that involves a template, you need the body of a specific creature, whose class abilities and/or racial hit die determine the power of the undead being created, but does this body mostly made from marvelous pigments could as a body for such purposes? Part of me wants to say no because the vast majority of the skeleton didn't belong to anyone and therefore couldn't inherit any class abilities from that person, but part of me wants to say yes because the spell would latch onto the small amount of an actual person that is in the body when the spell is cast and bring that person back in control of the undead. Not knowing the answer I decided to ask you guys what you thought?

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