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So the mythic class ability of Lifesense states, "This works as blindsight, rather than blindsense," (pg.90)... but lifesense already operates as blindsight link.

I have an oracle of life in the group. Would anyone have any advice for how to alter this with an appropriate mythic upgrade?

A common improvement to sensory powers is expanding the range - doubling it to 60 feet wouldn't be particularly bad. Alternatively, you could add some additional scanning effects to it - maybe a free Deathwatch on anything they can see with it, if you don't mind players having access to that.

Thank you for the suggestions! I had thought doubling it might not feel mythic enough within the context of the book.

I might go with something like spending a mythic point to make it function as deathwatch for 1--or maybe 10--minute(s). That would be a cool benefit but not so strong as a constant deathwatch!

Don't underestimate the usefulness of being able to notice living foes from twice as far away. XD As a third option, you could also expand it to let them detect undead entities (and discern whether they're living or undead), since undead are fairly common foes and all.

Expending a Mythic Point for Deathwatch is probably not a good choice. A smart Oracle probably took Inspired Spell in the first place (you're using the FAQ for that, right?), which already gives them access to Deathwatch for 1 MP even if they don't know the spell, and it would be a bit redundant if their Lifesense power did the same thing.

Oh that's a great point, haha. I was wrapped up in the mythic class abilities and completely spaced the path features... and we do indeed use the errata.

I quite like the undead detection, as they have a prominent role where our (homebrew setting) game is taking place.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

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