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Hello everyone! This is probably a straightforward answer but I wanted to ask the community:

Does an INT item unlock a skill (as per the normal rules) when using the consolidated skills variant rule, or would it simply add to your modifier... like if you had 16 INT and a +2 headslot item THEN it would grant you skill ranks.

I'm appreciative of any feedback!

It adds to your modifier. If your modifier is then high enough to gain more skills, then you gain more skills. The language on the INT headband is a throwback to 3.5, when INT headbands did not necessarily give more skills.

I think he's refering to how the consolidated skills alt rules include a system where skill points aren't based on your int modifer, but total int.

Consolidated skills still gives you skill points based on your INT modifier. Classes get 1, 2, 3, or 4 + 1/2 INT modifier skills per level.

PF Unchained wrote:

Class Skills

The bonus from class skills functions the same way under this system, and provides the same +3 bonus. However, the class skill lists change, with the following entries replacing the normal class skills lists. The number in parentheses indicates the number of skill ranks a character of this class gains at each level. Always add 1/2 the character's Intelligence modifier to this number, even if the modifier is negative. A character always gains a minimum of 1 skill rank per level.

Indeed! So I would think a +2 INT item--in a consolidated skills campaign--would not have the ranks of a particular skill that is inclusive with the standard rules.

But at the same time, there isn't any language or alterations to such items under the subsystem... so it has left me a little confused.

Thanks for the replies!

I think it still should (and +6 INT items should indicate a second skill), because a +2 can bump your INT modifier to an even number (thus raising your number of skill ranks by 1 under the consolidated skills rule).

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