Lethal grace with TWF and one agile weapon.

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Say you have a lvl10 NON unchained rogue, ninja or just a regular character based on dex with +0 mod yo str.
You use weapon finesse to apply dex to hit, but otherwise have no feat or class feature that adds my dex to damage.
Now, I do have TWF and my main hand weapon has the agile property.
The question is, if I were yo take lethal grace through stalker's talent, how would that modify the damage of each of my weapons?
Would my main weapon remain unaffected beacause im applying dex to dmg through the the agile property of the weapon ?
Would my off hand weapon deal the extra damage from lethal grace (+5) beacause im by default using my str +0 mod to damage?

You've pretty much nailed it; you'd be dealing dex to damage through Agile since that supersedes LG, and dealing +5 on your offhand.

Please note, that because Stalker's talent make you count only as a 10th level stalker the damage will always be at +5.

In the long term you would be better off getting a second agile weapon.

Sovereign Court

I was hopping agile and lethal grace would somehow stack.
Seeing it doesnt, its not worth it. Actualy none of the two are. Agile will only apply half dmg because its an offhand, and l.grace is a bit of a waste for a feat too,as im only going to use it once on a full attack.

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