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I had a random thought about mixing Spellbreaker with the Spell Sunder line of Rage Powers. After some thought I think Viking is the best class to use for this as they get both a lot of feats which are needed for the build and Rage Powers. Here is my concept build, please let me know what you think:


Spellbreaker Fighter

Str 14+2 (human)
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 8

Fighter levels are all Viking levels.

Fighter 1
Two-Weapon Fighting (bonus), Improved Shield Bash (human), Shield Focus (1st)
Fighter 2
Fearsome, Missile Shield (bonus)
Fighter 3
Shield Defense, Ray Shield (3rd)
Fighter 4
Berserker, Step Up (bonus)
Fighter 5
Following Step (5th)
Fighter 6
Rage Power: Superstitious (bonus)
Fighter 7
Disruptive (7th)
Fighter 8
Rage Power: Witch Hunter (bonus)
Fighter 9
Extra Rage Power: Spell Sunder (9th)
Fighter 10
Spellbreaker (bonus)
Fighter 11
Extra Rage Power: Sunder Enchantment (11th)
Fighter 12
Combat Reflexes (bonus)
Fighter 13
Rage Power: Eater of Magic (13th)

The only thing I feel that I am missing for build options is the ability to get the Cut from the Air Advanced Weapon Training. But the difference between that and Ray Shield are small enough to not miss.

Some items of consideration:
1. The only thing I think I wont want to block using Ray Shield is Disintegrate. I can't find any way around that. Even so I plan on getting an adamantine shield.

2. I also plan on taking the Shield Trained trait to allow me to Two-Weapon Fight with a heavy shield and ... I dunno, a Battle Axe? Warhammer? Can't really decide.

3. I guess I am going to go with a Spiked Shield. I could go for Bashing but that would only make it a +1 weapon as I wont have room in the build for Shield Master. Its too bad too as it is a powerful option. At least with Shield Spiked I could split up some enhancements.

4. With the free scaling bonuses I will be getting from Viking for armor I am thinking of getting creative to my enhancements to the shield. Maybe Arrow Catching and Arrow Deflection? Ghost Touch seems like it would be important so I can always get those bonuses but it is a +3 bonus, so... maybe not? Impervious could be good combined with Ray Shield so I don't lose my prized possession. Or perhaps since I am going with Superstitious I should go all out throwing caution to the wind and go for some Spell Resistance as well?

5. With the loss of Weapon Training (admittedly the largest loss in the build) and the lack of Power Attack or Weapon Specialization I will not be winning any awards for damage. Only going one feat deep into Two-Weapon Fighting doesn't help either. Still, the to hit bonus should be high and Rage does help. Other than getting higher enhancement bonuses on his weapons, higher Strength and the Furious enhancement there isn't much else I can find that will help. There are some minor baubles like the bane baldric that could help sometimes. Any other ideas?


While it might seem weird, you could honestly just two-hand a shield as a weapon and forget about TWF and shield master. It will be more effective than TWF even if it does seem a bit weird.

And enchanting the shield as both armor and weapon is no more expensive than trying to enchant the shield as armor (getting free weapon enhancement from Shield Master) and enchanting another weapon.

With TWF gone you can afford power attack.

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Hehe, yeah. That totally would work. I mean, I don't think I'm going to do it. But it could work.

Or, I might just dual shield to make James angry. Been saving up for that badwrongfunnery. ;P

here is a barbarian doing the whole mess with casters thing. could swap it around some to fit your goal better.
Just offering this as a comparison point to your guy.

It pains me to see a +2 not put in your highest stat, as you're getting less value from it. also, why are you running a 17 point buy?

Ah, so you are right. Not sure how I calculated that wrong...

Well, I typically apply the +2 to my highest stat. But the problem is that I need a 15 Dex and don't really want to make it higher than that during point buy. I planned on putting my first ability point into it and leaving it there. I could make it a 13 and give it +2 but then I'm still not putting it into my highest stat.

I will definitely have to jigger it around some though. Suggestions?

I could do this but it still isn't putting the +2 in my highest stat...


Str 16
Dex 14 +2 (human)
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 8

well, I'd suggest using the stat array from my example.
STR 16+2 / DEX 15 / CON 14 / INT 12 / WIS 10 / CHA 7
Swap int and wis if you want. or you could even lower str to a 15 as well to get points elsewhere or not dump CHA so much.

EDIT: or you could go
15+2/15/16/7/12/8 and take FCB for skills instead of HP and have a better fort save with the same number of skill points per level.

15+2/15/14/10/13/8 is actually what I came up with but 15+2/15/16/7/12/8 is actually pretty interesting as well. Hm. I hate putting FCB into skills but you make a good point with your reasoning. ;) At least I would have the option of no longer doing FCB to skills later if/when I think I have enough.

Also... why do you still not have an avatar? Go pick an avatar.

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