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Hello! My pathfinder group is looking to go into a campaign with characters with a silly niche. As I was looking into the rules of multiple things, I found that anyone hiding behind curtains gets concealment.

My thought would be that he would have a martial class, and use an action (If any) to twirl and hide behind drapes during combat while he strikes them.

My biggest issue is finding a way to have persistent concealment using the drapes. A friend suggested flesh crafting the drapes to his arms and legs, but I don't think that would create the same effect. Another suggested getting the Leadership feat and having followers hold the drapes in front of him in all directions during combat.

The GM said that I could create a battle style if there isn't any other way to use the drapes persistently. But the only way I could have the style is if it's "fair and balanced."

So, I've come to you guys to help me out and offer advice or show me something I'm missing.

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The technology for this was shown in The Karate Kid, it's the shower curtain costume. While in the curtain, you have total cover and total concealment from everyone and everyone has total cover and total concealment from you. However, your position is known, and people can still make attacks against your square. The negatives would outweigh the positives.

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Imbicatus wrote:
The technology for this was shown in The Karate Kid, it's the shower curtain costume. While in the curtain, you have total cover and total concealment from everyone and everyone has total cover and total concealment from you. However, your position is known, and people can still make attacks against your square. The negatives would outweigh the positives.

If we're taking this seriously, it might be worth it with the Moonlight Stalker feat line.

Really though, mechanically you'd be better off dropping smoke pellets in your square each turn. (Also combined with the Moonlight Stalker feat line.)

How about a (bonus) feat that reads something like this:


Concealing Flourish

You can conceal yourself from opponents in a single direction by flourishing a curtain or large piece of fabric.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Perform (dance) 1 rank.

Benefit: While holding a curtain or similarly sized piece of fabric in one hand, as a move action, you can select one face of the square you occupy and twirl the fabric to block that face, providing total concealment from that direction until the start of your next turn. Any opponent you gain concealment against gains concealment against you. Large and larger creatures do not benefit from this feat.


Draft only. Not checked for balance, or overlap with existing feats or abilities. Adapted from Kineticist's kinetic cover ability.

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Dreamscarred Press' version: Cloak Dance

Which derives from a D&D feat of the same name. I'd link it but seems to have a problem with scammers just now.

Alternately, and lower level, have an unseen servant spell hold up the curtain for you. Doable for a magus among martial-ish character classes.

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I was about to suggest the same with unseen servants x2. One on either side of you at all times holding the curtain and following you everywhere.

I would play a bard, in this manner receiving the spell on my list at full caster level and also having 3/4 bab with a means to buff your attack. I would then grab Equipment Trick (Cloak), which specifically calls out curtains as a usable instrument. Then I would grab the feats Dueling Cape Deed and Amateur Swashbuckler (or just dip a level of swashbuckler). There is the Sweeping Dodge feat that will allow you to have a chance to negate crits or sneak attacks with your cloak, but you won't gain the evasion from it usually.

I would seriously consider dueling cloak adept as a combat trait, and look into acquiring sneak attack or something if at all possible.

If you can manage to find a way to get unseen servant on your spell list as a magus or summoner, I would suggest playing a magus or vigilante archetype. Bonus points to the vigilante spellcasters if any can also have full bab and net unseen servant on their spell list through some class feature (or a normal silver spindle ioun stone or two will work as well).

Haunted shoes can aid you if you want to avoid being a legit spellcaster and need that unseen servant spell.

Assisting gloves will work for a single action (one round) of holding up your curtain at 180 gp a pop, if you need a lower level option.

Finally, for just under 4k gp, there is the Ushabti of the Willing Servant. One hour of unseen servant a day and you can burn it's stronger power in a desperate need to save your life but making it nonmagical.

If you grab the dazzling display line of feats, and take advantage of the swashbuckler element here, you actually could have a legitimate character.....that's just incredibly silly. I really like this idea. Respect.

*edit* Don't forget to take the Blind Fight Feats and/or save up for the magic items that make you blind but give you blind sight/blind sense. Combined with the mask that renders you blind while giving you a boost to your knowledge checks, you should be just fine.

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I think I might try this in PFS sometime.

Spirit Slayer (Slayer) for fast access to the entire blind fight tree by 10th level.

Masked Performer (Bard) because it's hilarious and mostly fits.

Dark Lurker (Rogue) because you get make aoo's vs targets with cover, sneak attack enemies with concealment, dex to damage if unchained, pretend to be a swashbuckler, take minor and major magic talents for access to Unseen Servant and probably Ghost Sound, and you can take the tricks below. Probably ties or is better than the bard for this, sadly.

Rogue Tricks:
False Attacker- convincing the enemy that someone else stabbed them and not the man behind the curtain has silliness written all over it.

Eerie Disappearance- full round action to hide and demoralize everyone who saw you but now can't. Actually kind of cool.

Scoundrel's Sword Cane. A weapon which specifically helps you make stealth checks while being behind total concealment. It also adds quite some flavor to the character.

Cape of Bravado- +5 bonus to Bluff checks to feint and +1 insight bonus to armor class if you have the thing draped around your arm. Doesn't even use a slot.

Catching Cape- for 200 gp and a swift action you can magically transform this into a feint sphere of force that grants concealment against ranged attacks for a minute or until it makes one miss. Useful at low levels and helps overdo the cloak theme.

Headband of Ninjutsi- +2 to bluff and a swift action feint once a day. Can use sneak attack against targets with any sort of concealment and get a +2 to do it.

I'd go with feinting and cautious multiclassing if you need additional feats or features. I can see a guy who's constantly talking from behind that darn cloak....constantly. But no matter which side you stand on, he is never seen and the opposite side is still making attacks against you.

Skill Focus: Stealth, and some other things to stealth on your turn while fighting are probably optimal. If you can get consistent access to both Ventriloquism and Unseen Servant while being able to stab and stay hidden, you could make for a stupidly funny ally. You could even leave combat and let the party know that you are going to let the drapes summon a hero....walk one way and stealth the other, then fight while hidden and when combat is over, unstealth from some location far removed from the drapes and rejoin the adventure. Ideally, the group would never know who the mysterious character behind the drapes is.

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