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Adding Con straight up increases the DC of their poison. So going the Eye for Talent alternative racial trait gives a +2 to their Con right there.

If they have intelligence, going Ability Focus also gives them an additional +2 to the poison save.

Boon Companion ups their HD if they aren't using full Druid progression.

+Con magical equipment also adds to the DC.

There's not much else to adding to that DC.

avr wrote:

So you need two domains, and you want something more thematically nature-oriented than the default cleric. In an optimisation sense you'd probably be better to take a cleric and make it more nature themed (archetype, traits etc.) than to multiclass. There's probably better multiclasses too.

An elder mythos cultist is not an option because they're limited to 3 domains not including animal or plant. Feyspeaker druid could work; perhaps feyspeaker druid (animal domain) / sworn of the eldest inquisitor (the Green Mother: plant) for Cha all the way? You won't have both domains at 1st level, but you're unlikely to see plant creatures at that level anyway.

The issue with taking out Cleric entirely is that both Command feats require a channel energy ability. Doing a quick read up it looks like Inquisitor doesn't get channel energy at all.

I've been working on some alternative characters and stumbled upon the Command Animals and Command Plants feats.

Thematically, it fits druid really well with the ability to befriend and commune with nature, but the only way to grab these feats is through a cleric or using another class with a channel energy archetype.

Cleric 1/Druid 1 right now, Human with the bonus feat. Grab the Plant and Animal domains.

Grab Ooze Whisperer and Vermin Heart to be able to use Command Animals on vermin and oozes. This let's you grab both plants AND Animals/oozes/vermin whose HD equal your level.

Now what I wanted to do is include a way to effectively squeeze in Command Undead and maybe Boon Companion to up our animal companion to equal our druid level (1 druid + cleric-3 + boon companion)

I'm not sure what direction to take the class levels or stat wise though. Feyspeaker or Elder Mythos Cultist archetypes would give charisma to casting, making you less MAD for the build. But stumped on progression and order of leveling.

COUCH for short.

This group of rag tag heroes need your help with members! They must include some form of furniture in their class, flavoured or not.

The leader: Drape man! [Base Class](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus/archetypes/paizo---magu s-archetypes/kapenia-dancer)

>He's strong, heroic, and valiant! With his mighty drape blade, he can slash foes and teleport away instantly! Making him a very evasive encounter!

Ladder man! [Base Class](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/fighter/archetypes/paizo---fi ghter-archetypes/polearm-master)

>This strong man uses his trusty [Battle Ladder](http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/batt le-ladder) to trip and smash foes! Not only is he very strong, but he can reach great lengths to get that kitty out of that blasted tree!

I need more for this amazing roster. If anyone is interested please contribute! My party wants a full COUCH team next campaign.

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Hello! My pathfinder group is looking to go into a campaign with characters with a silly niche. As I was looking into the rules of multiple things, I found that anyone hiding behind curtains gets concealment.

My thought would be that he would have a martial class, and use an action (If any) to twirl and hide behind drapes during combat while he strikes them.

My biggest issue is finding a way to have persistent concealment using the drapes. A friend suggested flesh crafting the drapes to his arms and legs, but I don't think that would create the same effect. Another suggested getting the Leadership feat and having followers hold the drapes in front of him in all directions during combat.

The GM said that I could create a battle style if there isn't any other way to use the drapes persistently. But the only way I could have the style is if it's "fair and balanced."

So, I've come to you guys to help me out and offer advice or show me something I'm missing.

Charon's Little Helper wrote:

Even if you can pull it off - this is a really bad idea.

The reason is because more than 1-2 'pets' will start to slow down your game's play to a crawl as you move and roll for each of your 'pets' individually.

Frankly - while such character can be fun in video games where such calculations are all behind the scenes - it doesn't translate well to tabletop where you're doing everything manually.

This is mainly for NPC confirmation and a "this is how it would go down" thing. This character will more than likely never see the light of pc play

Hello, right now I'm in the process of creating a character that can create, summon, has many minions at their disposal. I'm not taking about temporary minions, but permanent ones.

Trying to avoid animate dead, right now I have a mesmerist with demonic obedience towards nocticula for that nasty dominate thrall boon.

Shackles of vile durance can get me some slaves that have caster levels and can dominate \summon

Is there anything else I can grab? Are constructs worth it? And what high CR creatures have an ability to spawn more minions?

EvilMinion wrote:

How is this a problem at level 1?

A fine sized gunslinger will be doing what?

1d8->1d6->1d4->1d3->1d2 damage.

So he does 1 or 2 points of damage? And won't have any bonuses to that at 1st level other then maybe point blank shot. Most things will laugh at him.

Now, once the dex to damage kicks in, then it might be a decent number (along with deadly aim) ... but until he gets to level 5, he's not going to destroy anything.

He changed to medium size after seeing his damage output. So there's that.

Rerednaw wrote:

I am assuming you want a combat heavy game. In the absence of other data, how to challenge?

Investigative adventures.
Social challenges.

For the Gunslinger specifically, the other posters all had valid advice. There are many counters such as concealment (even Obscuring Mist at level 1) or a smokestick from ye olde alchemy shop. Or just being out of the line of sight. Bullets don't fly around corners. And how is he dealing with misfire? Misfire and he wasted this round and then next clearing the gun. Unless he wants to fire and risk losing his gun. And bullets/cartridges are way more $$$$ than a fistful of arrows. Dropping prone for +4 AC is free.

You were prepping for a kineticist...a ranged damage dealer with utility/control. Now you don't have to worry about utility or control (other than dead). So same tactics apply. As already mentioned, archers are more problematical than gunslingers in any case.

Maybe the villain likes to use innocents or tricks other heroes into fighting the PCs.

Alternatively there's always spells like Confusion. Depends on your group. Are they keen on PvP? Use illusions to mix things up even more.

Happy gaming!

Combat isn't the only thing up my sleeve, I plan for this adventure to be EPIC and include puzzles, riddles, cinematics, and other things.

Flame Effigy wrote:

Why would you let your characters build themselves into such high powere monstrosities and then worry about a gunslinger being too powerful?

What are you going to do if he just switches to druid or something?

I've still got a few weeks to plan all this out, and so far the other players haven't been A problem in my campaign.

My biggest issue with the gunslinger is that he was so set on a kineticist that I didn't have a problem with his numbers. Then just a few days ago he throws out his ideas and swaps to gunslinger when I had a whole first chapter planned out with all of their power adjustments in place for what they had. I'd be much more content with a druid or other casting class as it fits what I have set out already.

Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
I have to know... what kind of monsters did these guys build? could we get some simple stats or full builds?


This is a level 1 human form lycanthrope template barbarian. He hasn't put his animal or humanoid form, but imagine extra natural attacks and +7 natural armor, with a growth to huge size. All at will.

The others haven't thrown down their sheets yet, but with how my campaign will go, they are also playing level 20 mythic 5 characters of the base level 1 characters. So it gets crazy.

Oh yeah... Forgot to mention ozig is wielding another pc that's A psychic large two handed weapon construct.

Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
How is he even firing this thing?! Wouldn't the grain of powder in a fine sized gun be as wide as the barrel?!

He changed to medium size after noticing he only gets his damage from his dex bonus, making things a bit more tough for me. But a lot of this advice is helpful.

alexd1976 wrote:

I would argue the easiest way to balance out (or 'counter') the gunslinger is to simply increase the level of the challenges they are all facing.

Have more creatures in each fight, make them able to survive a single hit (or more) so that he isn't just machine-gunning them to death every hit.

STRICTLY enforce ammunition rules, they are there for a reason! The faster he fires, the more money he spends.

Environment can neuter gunslingers completely. Immersion in water renders the weapon useless until cleaned and reloaded...

You don't have to 'nerf' his class, this is a high powered game, just increase the difficulty to a level you are all comfortable with.

Sounds super fun btw, good to see a GM who isn't afraid to let the players make crazy characters.

I would have gone Half-Dragon, if it were allowed. :D

Slowly working around him, but he did take half dragon. Oh the irony! But I enjoy a challenge

First of all, thank you everyone for your help so far!

The campaign hasn't started yet, and probably won't for a few weeks (We are playing another campaign and barely are in it at the moment).

I know what I am allowing my players to grab and how much harder it will be, but I've gotten to a point where (After some math and scenarios) the players should be challenged enough with the encounters I am throwing at them to give us both (DM and players) a fun and challenging experience.

He noticed that his size is going to give him d1 damage and went medium, making him easier to hit and get to. But I'm still worried about his damage to threat ratio compared to the big tank they have.

The blur, wind wall, and environment conditions were just what I was looking for though, to help out my campaign overall.

I'm running a custom campaign and allowed for a 30-point race buy, 25 stat buy, and one template they meet prerequisites for.

Right now, I am against a huge sized lycanthrope fighter with 30 AC, a magus at 20 AC, and a gunslinger at 25 AC, at level 1.

I'm okay with throwing a challenge at them, I can get the monsters down to bat, but I'm worried that the gunslinger (A fine sized, 90 ft perfect fly speed, free-action reload and holster, optimized gunslinger) will start to wreak havoc on everything since I can't find anything to get to him that isn't already threatened by the fighter.

Right now, they need to enter a sewer to reach their first mini-boss. I can restrict the flying to 15 feet and reduce the fighter's ability to hit because he's cramped. But after later levels, I don't know what to do.

Any advice?