Halloween Serial Killer Villain Help


So I'm trying to build a special villain for my group's inevitable session on Halloween and I like to make each session pretty scary on Halloween. As far as atmosphere goes I can handle it but I was wondering if anyone had any villain ideas for this session. I was thinking ofor something somewhat like a Hannibal Lector style wizard or sorcerer. The group is 11th level and have some decent magical items on their side so I know the disadvantage is in my court but I think we could collectively make a scary and efficient villain. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

How about a mesmerist? He/She could be controlling lots of innocents forcing them to do evil things. Perhaps even controlling a fake BBEG.

i dont know much about spell casters or hanibal but slayer would work for a majoraty of scary movie trope villans

Silver Crusade

Vigilantes are basically perfect Halloween villains.

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