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Is this intended to be added like a normal P card? The layout is different, unlike normal P cards, and it doesn't have the Mummy's Mask logo or P set indicator where they would be expected for promo cards. If it were intended to be used both for PACG and PAdv I'd expect it to match other promo cards since the digital form could easily be made to match the digital game regardless of the original's form.

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Honestly, I haven't treated this one as a true promo card plus I'm not sure the size of the card matches the standard PACG cards nowadays.

This one I just collected (at Gen Con) and put aside.

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I think it was stated that you should feel free to add the card to any set, hence no set description (I actually read that somewhere this week, but can't remember where).

My guess would be to add it during AD1, like the other promo cards. I think the app layout of the card is meant to show people that the app actually exists, in case they are unaware.

I agree it would've been better to keep the design of the physical card and the digital card separate, but I think the main point was to promote the app.

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Promoting the digital app makes sense. Since it comes with a card that tells you how to use it in the app that is itself in the app format I don't know why they'd put the promo card in the app format if they wanted you to use it in the card game.

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It matches the card layout from the app. There is no reason this will not work with the rest of the cards. It is like old Magic cards vs. the newer versions. They can be played together but they look a bit different.

I also believe that the promo card has a code to allow you to unlock the card in the app as well.

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I'm personally going to treat it like any other promo card, including shuffling it into PFSACG base sets as part of the max of 12 promo cards you can shuffle in. Size-wise, it matches other PACG cards printed in the US.

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That's what I've been doing - there's been a Goblin Golem of Obsidian in my Runelords box since I got home from Gencon.

And honestly, it's one of my favorite promo cards that's existed so far. I don't boon farm pretty much at all, so "discard to get one card closer to the villain/henchman with very little risk" is pretty sweet.

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1970Zombie wrote:
I also believe that the promo card has a code to allow you to unlock the card in the app as well.

It does, actually, but I've never found the place where you go in the app to actually do the unlock. Probably haven't been looking enough.

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You redeem it here: http://pathfinder.obsidian.net/redeem

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The rules regarding promo cards aren't set-specific. That is, there's nothing that says you can only use Mummy's Mask promos in Mummy's Mask. (If we had restrictions like that, you wouldn't be able to use Iconic Heroes promos *anywhere*.)

Bottom line: treat them as you would any other promo card.

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Are these promo allies class-deck legal for organized play? PFS Guide states


You may include other promo cards only if you have

earned them as a reward.

But it is a bit unclear with these since they do not have an earned reward like the end-of-season promos.

Specifically asking about Obsidian Golem, Eder, and Pallegina since they aren't considered set-specific.

As the guide is written I'm assuming no but thought I'd ask to double check since I found nothing on the forums regarding this. Thanks!

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They are not. Unless you play a scenario or in some other way earn them (and there is none that I know of) they aren't legal on organized play.

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Sounds like we are in agreement. Thanks for confirming!

To be clear:
For Organized Play, you can add these promos to *the game box*. That's legal.
But you cannot add these promos to *your Class deck box*, so there is no way to keep them in your deck from scenario to scenario. And since they are promos, their set indicator is 0, so they aren't very useful for earning upgrades.

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