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One of the things I always wanted to do as a fan of steampunk and science fantasy is play a character that servers as a golem pilot or power armor trooper.

Now I know of course that crunch wise there are very few options and most of them are not legal in society play.

I would like some tips on replicating the fluff while keeping the crunch legal and reasonable, preferably examples that come online much earlier than my current idea.

Currently im thinking about a Battle Scion Occulist wearing Titanic armor as it fits, the bonded armor with high intelligence as the genius inventor is very appealing to the concept but titanic armor is expensive and its more magical than technomancy.

Maybe a Construct Rider Alchemist would work if it's Society legal.

The info for the base Alchemist.

While it doesn't give the "giant robot pilot" aesthetic, Folding Plate has always held a spot in my heart for the deployable armor aesthetic.

Realistically, you're probably looking at some kind of summoner (are there inevitable/clockwork summon bases?). If Synthesist wasn't banned it's perfect for this, but that one is definitely banned.

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Construct Rider isnt leagal sadly, playing an inevitable summoner catches the vibe of a constructed eidolon, not exactly what I am going for but it's an option.

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I was going to recommend folding plate as well. I believe there is a spell that makes a suit of armour take over from you if you fall unconscious, though I can't remember the name. it may have been an armour enhancement instead. I'll dig.

*edit: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/r/revenant-armor

Found it.

Some of the Oracle mysteries get an armor ability. Some of those could conceivably be flavored as power armor.

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I would really like something to come of this. Combined with the gauntlet style feats and the vigilante gauntlet abilities, you could theme a pretty cool and very effective super suit based character.

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Did some Digging, The psychometrist vigilante gets close, but sadly it doesn't gain resonant powers wich are really attractive and fitting for a power suit character.

Maybe a mix of the two is an idea?

Vigilante+Battle Host is basically Tony Stark.

Social identity, the genius inventor, while in battle with the bonded armor you immediatly have your vigilante identity.

Though what level combination would be effective?

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Richter Harding wrote:
Social identity, the genius inventor, while in battle with the bonded armor you immediatly have your vigilante identity.

There exists a vigilante archetype that allows you to tie your dual identity to your suit of armor, which may fit here. However, it's from a campaign setting book which I don't typically make a habit of acquiring, so I don't know if it contains any Golarion specific requirements that the PFSRD is filing off.

There's also the Construct Armor modification for golems

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Armiger's Panoply

Another way to get armor onto yourself. A bit cheaper than the other options.

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